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Library Route No. 930217
Malham, Malham Cove, Malham Tarn, Capon Hall, Victoria Cave,
Attermire Scar, Stockdale, Pikedaw Hill circuit - 21km
Airedale . . .

Map: OS Explorer OL2 Yorkshire Dales Southern & Western areas at 1:25000

General Directions (see markers on the route map)

Marker 1.) From the visitor centre car park in Malham at map ref. SD899626, walk northwards along the village street for about 500m out of the village to map ref. SD897633. Here take the public footpath on the right to Malham Cove about 400m across the fields.

Marker 2.) At Malham Cove follow the Pennine Way route up the steps at the left hand end of the cove rock face, across the limestone pavement on top of the cove and up the rocky limestone valley still following the Pennine way route. Continue along the Pennine way route around Malham Tarn to the road at map ref. SD885675.

Marker 3.) At the road turn left to walk along the road in a southeasterly direction for about 2km to Capon Hall About 50m beyond the drive to Capon Hall there is a public footpath off the road to the left at map ref.SD866666.

Marker 4.) Take the path off the road to the left and follow it across the hills for about 3km to Jubilee Cave at map ref. SD837655.

Marker 5.) From Jubilee Cave follow the path along the foot of the craggy hillside past Victoria Cave to Attermire Scar and the junction in the paths at map ref. SD838641.

Marker 6.) At the junction in the paths take the left hand path to join a bridleway along the track up Stockdale with a steep craggy slope on the left, generally in a westerly direction for about 3km from Attermire Scar to the col below Kirkby Fell. Just over the col, at map ref. SD878639, take the public footpath off the bridleway to the right down the steep gulley of Pikedaw Hill, past the Field Barns and back into Malham and the end of the walk.