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Route 970805 - Dunsop Bridge,
Langdon Brook, Langdon Castle,
Fiendsdale Head, Totridge(496m),
Hareden Farm circuit - 17km
Forest of Bowland . . .

Map: OS Explorer OL41 Forest-of-Bowland at 1:25000

General Directions (see markers on the route map)

The walk starts at the parking area at map ref. SD 646 505, between the road and Langdon Brook about 1km northwest of the village of Dunsop Bridge. From the parking area turn left to walk along the road for about 300m. Then turn left off the road to cross the brook and join a permissive path on the other side of the brook.

Follow the Langdon Brook upstream along the permissive path for about 1.5km and continue across a footbridge over Langdon beck at map ref. SD 632 511 to join a public footpath on the other side of the brook heading upstream. After about 3km the path reaches the ruins of Langdon Castle at map ref. SD 606 502.

About 150m beyond the ruins the track forks. Keep to the left hand fork still following the public footpath upstream. After about 2.5km the path reaches a boundary wall at Fiendsdale Head (map ref. SD 588 484). About 100m before the wall turn left off the public footpath to follow a path across the open access land staying close to the boundary wall heading roughly south east for about 1.5km to a cairn (520m) where the boundary wall turns left.

Continue following the boundary wall roughly eastwards for about 3km then north eastwards for another 1.3km to the trig point(496m) on Totridge at map ref. SD 634 487. From the trig point head north eastwards dropping down to the edge of the open access land and following the intake wall to the start of a permissive path where the open access land ends.

Follow the permissive path for about 550m to join a public bridleway at map ref. SD 643 497. At the bridleway turn left and walk along the bridleway for about 750m to Hareden Farm. At the farm continue along the bridleway through the farm and down to Langdon Brook. Cross the brook to a minor road. Turn right at the road and walk about 300m back along the road to the parking area and the end of the walk.