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Route 970308 - Archer Hill Farm (Cotegill),
Langdale, Nevygill Fold, Simon's Seat,
Breaks Head, The Calf, Grains, Langdale
21km circuit - Howgill Fells . . .

Map: OS Explorer OL19 Howgill Fells & Upper Eden Valley at 1:25000

General Directions

The walk starts at map ref. NY 659 045, on the lane between Cotegill and Archer Hill farm on the northern fringes of the Howgill Fells, where there is room to park off the lane on the grass verge out of the way of the farm traffic. From this parking spot head southwards along the lane past the farm and continue along the farm track for about 1.4km. Here (map ref. NY 655 032) the track is bending round to the right. Turn left off the track to head across the open fell over a little knoll of higher ground and then down to another track by the intake wall at map ref. NY 651 029. At this track turn left and follow the track next to the wall for about 300m to the start of a steep descent down into Langdale.

Follow the track diagonally down the steep slope to a ford across Langdale Beck. The ford can be quite deep and you may have to wade across. From this ford continue along the track following the beck upstream for about 800m to an old sheep fold called Nevygill Fold. Here bear right past the sheepfold to the foot of a steep climb up the ridge between Little Nevy Gill and Langdale Beck heading south east over Combs and up to the top of Simon's Seat (587m) at map ref. NY 659 999.

From the top of Simon's Seat head SSE down the steep slope across the col and up the ridge to Wind Scarth and on to Breaks Head at map ref. SD 653 984. You can make a detour from here for a wonderful view point for a lunch break at the cairn on Fell Head about 800m away following the track along the ridge eastwards from Breaks Head. Return to Breaks Head after the lunch stop.

From Breaks Head follow the track along the ridge initially in a south easterly direction then in a more southerly direction for about 1.3km to White Fell Head and on for another 500m to The Calf at map ref. SD 667 970, the highest point in the Howgill fells at 676m. From The Calf follow the track in a north easterly direction for about 500m to the site of a small pond (sometimes dry) by the track. Turn left past the pond and head down the Grains ridge between the becks called Middle Grain and East Grain. It's a descent of 300m in about 1.5km heading northwards down into Langdale.

The Grains ridge leads down to the confluence of East Grain and Middle Grain becks at map ref. SD 667 991. Now follow the beck northwards along Langdale for about 3.5km to the ford at map ref. NY 651 022. This is the ford crossed on the outward leg of the route. From the ford retrace the outwards leg of the route for about 2.5km up the track climbing out of Langdale and across the open fell to rejoin the farm track leading back to Archer Hill farm and the end of the walk.