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Library Route 930527
Keldy Bridge, Keldy Cabins, Sutherland Rd, St. James's Fm,
Low Leaf Howe Ho., Elleron Lodge circuit - 8.4km
Cropton Forest, North York Moors . . .

Map: OS Explorer OL27 North York Moors Eastern area at 1:25000

General Directions (see markers on the route map)

1.) Start at a small parking area off the road by the beck at Keldy Bridge over Sutherland Beck, map ref. SE776907. From the parking area turn right to walk north west along the road for about 100m to a right hand bend. Continue around the bend now heading roughly northwards past Keldy holiday cabins and about 100m beyond Keldy Cottages to map ref. SE776919.

2.)At this point there is the route of an overhead power line crossing the road and heading roughly westwards through the forest. Turn left here to follow an unofficial path along this break in the forest. Continue following the power line for about 1.2km to the Sutherland Road a stony forest access road. At the Sutherland Road turn right and follow the access road for about 1km to a 'T'-junction at map ref. SE763928.

3.) At the 'T'-junction cross continue in the same direction on a footpath opposite through the forest. After about 300m the path bends round to the right to head north east for about 400m to a forest access road at map ref. SE765935. Here continue northwards along the forest access road for about 1.5km to pass St. James's Farm on the right.

4.)Just beyond St. James's Farm, at map ref. SE763949, turn right to follow a path through the forest heading first eastwards for about 300m and then south east for about 1.2km to a forest access road at map ref. SE778944. Cross the road and continue along the footpath opposite with the remains of a dry stone wall on the right hand side of the path. After about 500m at map ref. SE783945 turn right and follow the path generally southwards for about 450m to Low Leaf Howe House.

5.) At Low Leaf Howe House turn left on to the path passing along the south side of the house. After about 150m turn right to head roughly southwards along an access track. After about 800m turn right to follow a minor public road, called Middle Head Road, at map ref. SE788934. Continue along the road which becomes a stony access road for about 2km to map ref. SE785914. Here there is the access track to Thornsby House on the left and the access track to High Cawthorne on the right.

6.) Take the bridleway on the left, just beyond the access track to High Cawthorne, heading diagonally across the field for about 250m to the edge of the forest and continue along the bridleway through the forest past Elleron Hall away to the left for about 800m to Southerland Beck (this stream is the outlet stream from Elleron Lake). The path turns round to the right to follow the beck downstream through the forest at the foot of Cawthorne Banks for about 450m to the road at map ref. SE779902. At the road turn right and walk along the road for almost 600m back to the parking spot by Keldy Bridge and the end of the walk.