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Route No. 940402
Wheeldale Bridge, Roman Road, Stepping Stones, Simon Howe, Goathland,
Mallyan Spout, West Beck, New Wath Farm, Wheeldale Road circuit - 13km
North York Moors . . .

Map: OS Explorer OL27 North York Moors Eastern area at 1:25000

General Directions (see markers on the route map)

1.) Start at a ford across Wheeldale Beck called Wheeldale Bridge at map ref. SE803970 on the road about 3.5km north of Stape. Follow the road northwards for about 150m and then follow the remains of the Roman Road on the right. Walk along the Roman Road for about 800m and then turn right off the Roman Road to follow a footpath diagonally down the hillside for about 450m to the stepping stones across Wheeldale Beck at map ref. SE811982. At the stepping stones cross Wheeldale Beck and follow the path eastwards along the route of the Lyke Wake Walk climbing up the hillside to Simon Howe at map ref. SE829981.

2.) At Simon Howe turn left and follow the path along the ridge to Two Howes and continue down to the old duck flight pond at Old Kit Bield. From the pond follow the path down to the Mallyan Spout Hotel on the edge of Goathland. At the Mallyan Spout Hotel turn left off the road and follow the path down the side of the hotel to the West Beck.

3.) At the West Beck turn left to follow the path upstream along the beck. The path passes Mallyan Spout waterfall. The waterfall is on a small side stream and is quite pretty as the spray falls over the moss covered rocks but it's not a spectacular waterfall. Continue to follow the beck upstream over rocks and some very boggy land for about 1.3km to a minor road at map ref. NZ815002. At the road turn left and walk along the road for about 100m to a hair-pin bend. At the start of the bend turn right off the road to follow a footpath across the beck at New Wath Farm. Continue along this path climbing up the hillside across the fields to a metalled access road next to a small covered service reservoir at map ref. NZ808000.

4.) At the road turn left and follow the road towards Hazel Head farm. After about 300m along the road turn right and follow a track around the hillside for about 300m. Here turn left off the track on to a path down the hillside to the road at map ref. SE801993 above a ford across Wheeldale Gill. Follow the road around a double bend down to the ford. Cross the ford and follow the road for about 2km back to the starting point at Wheeldale Bridge and the end of the walk.