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Route No.941105
Lockton, Hole-of-Horcum, Old Wife's Way,
Bridestones, Staindale circuit - 14km
North York Moors . . .

Map: OS Explorer OL27 North York Moors Eastern area

General Directions (see markers on the route map)

1.) Start just off the A169 in Lockton village opposite the cemetery at map ref. SE846899 where there is room to park on the roadside. Take the public footpath opposite the cemetery heading north west down a narrow little valley, often very muddy. Follow the path down to Levisham Beck and cross the beck on the footbridge. Continue westwards for about 500m from the beck to the top of the slope and double back along a footpath alongside a stone wall. Continue along this path following the valley of Levisham Beck for about 1.5km to Dundale Griff at map ref. SE838917. From Dundale Griff continue along the path following Levisham Beck up through the Hole-of-Horcum to a hairpin bend on the A169 at map ref. SE849940.

2.)At the hair pin bend on the A169 turn right and follow a path along the edge of the road and after about 100m, just below it for about 300m. Then cross the road and follow the track opposite called 'The Old Wife's Way'. Continue along this track for almost 3km to map ref. SE874923. Turn right here to follow a path through the forestry for about 100m to another track along the boundary between the moorland and the forestry plantation. At the track turn left and walk along the track for about 1km to map ref. SE876914.

3.) Here turn right off the track on to a narrow path through the heather leading to the Bridestones (a series of large sandstone rocks along two small ridges that have been eroded by wind blown sand into odd shapes). After about 200m take the path on the right to cross a little valley with a short climb up to the ridge. Continue along the path following the ridge, path the Bridestones with views of the other Bridestones on the little parallel ridge across the valley. Continue along the path as it drops down from the ridge into Staindale. At map ref. SE872905, where the path intersects the path along Staindale, turn right and cross the beck called Dovedale Griff on the footbridge to reach Low Staindale Farm (it was once a Youth Hostel). The path passes below the farm to join a farm access track. At the track turn right and walk along the track to pass Low Pasture Farm to reach a junction at map ref. SE862904.

4.) Turn left at the junction and continue along this farm access track. At map ref. SE858899 the track turns left to Low Pasture Villa Farm and the path bears to the right to drop down into the little narrow valley of Green Dale. Follow this path out to the A169 at map ref. SE848898. Cross the road and follow the road opposite for about 200m to the starting spot in Lockton and the end of the walk