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Route No.941119
Goathland, Mallyan Spout, Combs Wood, Murk Mire Moor,
Egton Bridge, Grosmont, Beck Hole circuit - 19km
North York Moors . . .

Map: OS Explorer OL27 North York Moors Eastern area

General Directions (see markers on the route map)

1.) Start at the public car park in Goathland at map ref. NZ833013 off the Beck Hole Road. At the southern corner of the car park turn left to walk along the main road through the village for about 120m, then turn right off the road to follow a track along the bed of a long since dismantled railway. Continue along this track for about 700m to map ref. NZ838005. Here turn left off the track to follow a footpath across the fields for about 1km to the main road through the village at map ref. NZ828007 next to the church. At the road turn left and walk along the road for about 600m. Here turn right off the road on to a footpath down a steep bank to the West Beck. At the beck turn right and follow the path along the beck side past Mallyan Spout waterfall and continue map ref. NZ820021 next to Beck Hole. Turn left here over a footbridge across the West Beck (about 100m up stream of its confluence with Eller Beck where the two becks join to form the Murk Esk). Follow the path up through the woodland to Thackside farm.

2.) Walk out along the farm drive from Thackside Farm to the road at map ref. NZ813017. Turn right at the road and walk along the road for about 750m to map ref. NZ810024. Turn left off the road here to follow a path up and across Murk Mire Moor to a road at map ref. NZ800029. Cross the road and follow the path to the wall at the edge of a tiny clump of trees. Turn right here and follow the bridleway for about 1.2km to Swang Farm. From Swang Farm the track is walled except for a short length of about 100m around a stone barn at map ref. NZ798043. Continue along the track from Swang Farm for about 700m to map ref. NZ800047. Turn left here off the track to follow a not well defines path down the hillside to emerge on to the road at map ref. NZ801050. At the road turn left and walk down the road for about 100m to a 'T'- junction. Cross the road at the junction and take the footpath opposite between the buildings down to the stepping stones across the River Esk. There are two sets of stepping stone on either side of a large island in the river. (if the river is too high to use the stepping stone follow the road through the village to the start of the old toll road at map ref. NZ804052) Once across the stepping stones follow the path from the river between the buildings out to the road at map ref. NZ802052.

3.) Turn right at the road and walk along the road to its end at a 'T' - junction. Turn left at the junction and after a few metres turn right on to the old toll road to Grosmont. Follow the old toll road for about 2km to the road at map ref. NZ823055. At the road turn right and walk along the road into Grosmont to the level crossing at map ref. NZ828052.

4.) Cross the level crossing and turn right off the road to follow a track beside the railway heading for the church. The track crosses over the railway and climbs uphill for about 150m to a pedestrian gate on the left of the track. Turn off the track to go through this gate and drop down along a path to the bottom of the slope where the path then follows the bed of an old horse drawn railway to a row of terraced cottages at the hamlet of Esk Valley. Continue along the track on the old railway bed over a bridge across the Murk Esk to the point next to Beck Hole where the outward route crossed West Beck to Combs Wood (map ref. NZ820021) This time continue along the track on the bed of the old railway up a steep incline to cross a minor road after about 1km and continue for another 350m to the Beck Hole Road next to the car park at map ref. NZ833014. At this road turn right and follow the road for about 150m back to the car park and the end of the walk.