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Route No. 950311
Hope Inn Farm, Penny Holme, Ankness, Shaw Ridge,
Rudland Rigg, Harland Moor circuit - 20km
North York Moors . . .

Map: OS Explorer OL26 North York Moors Western area

General Directions (see markers on the route map)

1.) Start at map ref. SE659926 at the beginning of the stony track along Rudland Rigg, where there is a gravel parking area off the road from Kirkbymoorside to Bransdale. Follow the road back towards Kirkbymoorside for about 1km to map ref. SE663917. Turn right off the road here to follow the farm access track along the side of Hope Inn Farm. After about 200m turn left and then after another 250m turn right to follow a track past Common House Farm, through School Plantation and Stonely Woods. From the edge of Stonely Woods continue along the path across the fields to the access road at map ref. SE647910. At the road turn right and walk along the road past the large house at Penny Holme. Continue along the access road across Hodge Beck to Otterhills.

2.) From Otterhills follow the track up the valley for about 500m to map ref. SE640917. Turn right here off the track to follow a footpath down to the ford over Hodge Beck at Mitchell Hagg Wath. Cross the ford and then turn left to cross the stream called Ouse Gill. Across the stream follow the track climbing up the hillside through a conifer plantation for about 800m to Ankness Ridge. The land to the west of the path here is open access land. Follow the path for about 1km to Ankness, a very tidy, well restored farm complex.

3.) From Ankness continue on the path through the farm yard and out along the farm access road to the public road at map ref. SE637943. At the road turn left and walk along the road for about 1.8km to map ref. SE633960. Here the road bends to the left but the route continues straight ahead following a moorland track along Shaw Ridge. Continue along this track for about 1.5km to a 'T'-junction in the track.

4.) Turn right at the 'T'-junction in the track. Follow this track (generally eastwards) for about 600m to join the track along Rudland Rigg at map ref. SE640974. At the Rudland Rigg track turn right and walk generally southwards along Rudland Rigg for a little over 4km to map ref. SE657934. There is a track on the left here (opposite Bog House about 500m away to the right of the track). Turn left here off Rudland Rigg to follow the track first heading eastwards and then bending round towards the south for a little over 2km to a public footpath crossing the farm access track at map ref. SE672929.

5.) At map ref. SE672929 turn right to follow the public footpath dropping down across Harland Moor for about 900m to cross Harland Beck at map ref. SE666925. From the beck follow the path across the fields (mostly open access land) for about 600m to the road at map ref. SE662920. At the road turn right and follow the road for about 600m back to the parking area on the right at the start of the stony track along Rudland Rigg at the end of the walk.