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Route 980314 - Blakey Ridge,
Dale Head Farm, old ironstone railway, Hill Cottages,
River Seven, Rosedale Abbey,Rosedale Chimney Bank,
old ironstone railway circuit - 18km
North York Moors . . .

Map: OS Explorer OL26 North York Moors Western area at 1:25000

General Directions

The walk starts at a little parking area off the road on Blakey Ridge at map ref. SE 683 989 opposite the road down the steep hillside to Church Houses in Farndale. From the car park follow the public footpath heading south east for about 150m to the bed of the old ironstone railway. Cross the railway path and continue to follow the footpath down the hillside, through Moorlands Farm and out to a minor road at map ref. SE 696 988. From Moorlands Farm its easier to follow the public right of way along the farm access track to the road. At the road turn left and walk along the road to Dale Head Farm.

At Dale Head Farm take the public bridleway that goes to the right and skirts the eastern side of the farm and continue along the bridleway climbing up along the edge of a plantation to the bed of the old ironstone railway at map ref. SE 698 998. At the railway turn right and follow the track along the old railway bed on the eastern side of Rosedale.

After about a kilometer turn left off the railway path at map ref. SE 703 991, and walk up the slope to a higher narrow plateau, a working area that was part of the Rosedale East Mines ironstone mining operation from 1864 to 1926. After a few hundred metres there are two rows of ruined miners' cottages and other artefacts from the mining era. From the ruined cottages head back down the steep slope to the path along the old railway bed. On the left of the old railway here there is a row of massive Calcining Kilns used to drive off water that was chemically bonded to the iron ore and so reduce the weight of material to be transported to the iron smelting process on Teesside. About 800m further on along the old railway bed there is a second row of kilns.

A few hundred metres further on the railway comes to an end and the track bends round to the right to drop down through a farm with numerous fancy breeds of poultry. Below the farm the track reaches the road at Hill Cottages, map ref. SE 708 975. From the road take the public footpath heading south down the western end of the row of cottages.

After about 200m the track ends and the path continues down across the fields to a footbridge over the River Seven at map ref. SE 710 967 just north of Low Thorgill Farm. The path across the fields is mostly paved with stone blocks worn with long use. Do not cross the footbridge, but turn left to follow the public footpath along usually muddy farm tracks heading down the valley for about 1.4km to the village of Rosedale Abbey. The last part of this route is through a large caravan site.

Continue through the village to the road junction at map ref. SE 724 958. At the road junction turn right to follow the road heading up Rosedale Chimney Bank. After about 400m there is a junction with the Daleside Road from the right. There is a hotel on the left called the White Horse Farm Inn and the route turns left here off Rosedale Chimney Bank to follow a stony access road next to the hotel to pass Newlands Farm and then Bank Farm to a left hand bend in the track at map ref. SE 728 947. There is an old sheep dip structure on the left of the track here.

Turn right off the track opposite the old sheep dip and follow a public footpath up across the field to the intake wall at the top. Cross the intake wall to the open moor and turn right to follow a path up a steep wide green track to the top of Rosedale Chimney Bank at map ref. SE 722 947. This steep green slope is the railway incline built in 1860 to haul the iron ore from the Hollins Mine up to the railway at Bank Top.

At the road at the top of the incline cross the road and follow a path for a few hundred metres around the hillside to join the bed of the old railway at map ref. SE 719 950. Now continue along the old railway bed for about 4.5km to map ref. SE 684 988. Turn left off the railway path here to follow a path for about 150m out to the road on Blakey Ridge. Turn right at the road and walk along the road for about 50m back to the car park and the end of the walk.