The approximate route is shown by a blue line. Use your mouse to drag the map to the area of interest and zoom in/out using the controls on the left hand side of the map. Please use my map to find the route on your own large scale walking map such as the OS Explorer series at 1:25000, and use that to navigate the route.
If you have time if you do this walk please let me know how you get on. That would be very helpful to me to keep my information accurate and up to date.
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Route 980624, Goathland, Beck Hole, West Beck,
New Wath Farm, Wheeldale Road, Wheeldale Gill, Hunt House, Howl Moor,
Simon Howe Rigg, Simon Howe, Collinson Bield, Moorgates, railway path
17km circuit - North York Moors . . .

Map: OS Explorer OL27 North York Moors Eastern area at 1:25000

General Directions

The walk starts at the public car park in Goathland (map ref. NZ 833 013). From the car park turn left to walk northwards along the road for about 150m, then turn left off the road and follow a public footpath down a grassy slope following the route of an old railway. Continue along this path across a minor road and down a track to the bottom of the hill near Beck Hole at map ref. NZ 821 020. Turn left here to take the public footpath heading upstream by the West Beck.

The path climbs up along the edge of the wooded valley side and after about 850m drops down to the east bank of West Beck. The path then follows the banks of West Beck upstream past Mallyan Spout waterfall for about 1.2km to a minor road at map ref. NZ 814 002. the final half kilometer of the path to the road is a bit awkward with some boggy areas and large boulders on the beckside to negotiate. At the road turn left and walk along the road for about 150 to a hair pin bend to the left.

At the bend turn right off the road to pass New Wath Farm and follow the public footpath climbing up the hillside to a minor road at map ref. NZ 808 000 next to a small service reservoir. At the road turn left and walk along the road towards Hazel Head Farm. After about 300m turn right off the road to follow a public footpath across the open access moorland for about 750m to Wheeldale Road at map ref. SE 801 993. At the road turn left and follow the road down to a ford across the beck called Wheeldale Gill.

At the ford turn left off the road to follow a public footpath along the north bank of Wheeldale Gill for about a kilometer to a footbridge across the beck and then follow the footpath along a track up to a minor road at map ref. SE 814 988. Continue along the road past Hunt House and about 150m beyond Hunt House bear left off the access track to Wheeldale Lodge to follow a public footpath heading southwards and climbing up across Howl Moor. About 1.2km south of Hunt House there is a finger post indicating a path across the open access moor heading roughly south east.

Follow this path for about 800m to a bridleway at map ref. SE 823 967 about 100m from a semi-circular walled sheep shelter or 'bield'. At the bridleway turn left to follow the bridleway in a north easterly direction along Simon Howe Rigg for about 1.5km to Simon Howe. From Simon Howe continue northwards for about 300m where the bridleway forks. Keep to the right hand fork which bends to the right and after around 2km from Simon Howe, passes Collinson Bield, another sheep shelter about 100m away to the right of the bridleway. The route then drops down to cross a stream called Moss Dike and crosses the strip of land to the road at map ref. SE 838 998. The whole bridleway from Simon Howe to the road is not well marked can be rough going across this open moorland.

At the road turn right and walk along the road for about 700m to the house called Moorgates on the left at map ref. SE 844 994. Turn left here off the road to follow a bridleway past Moorgates, and along the disused railway bed for about 2km to the main street in Goathland at map ref. NZ 834 012. At the road turn left for about 100m then turn right back to the Goathland public car park and the end of the walk.