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Route 980503 - Gradbach,
Lud’s Church, Danebridge, Dane Valley Way,
Heaton, Turner’s Pool, Roche Grange,
Roach End circuit - 17km
Peak District . . .

Map: OS Explorer OL24 The Peak District White Peak area at 1:25000

General Directions (see markers on the route map)

The walk starts at a little car park and picnic area at map ref. SJ 998 662 off the minor road into the Peter Watson Scout Camp Site at Gradbach in the River Dane valley in Staffordshire. From the car park turn right and follow the road for about 200m towards the scout camp site, then keep right to follow a public footpath along a track for about 300m down to the River Dane. Continue along the path beside the River Dane through the camp site fields to map ref. SJ 990 657, at the Black Brook.

Cross the brook and follow the public footpath along a forest track westwards climbing up the hillside throught Forest Wood/Black Forest. After about 500m the path joins another path contouring around the hillside. At this path double back along the higher path around the top edge of the forest. After about 150m heading eastwards along this path keep right to follow a footpath through a deep, narrow gritstone gorge called Lud's Church.

Continue along the path through the gorge as it gets deeper and more impressive to emerge at the far end on to the open moor at the edge of the forest. Continue along a permissive path along the edge of the moor & forest for about 250m then turn left still on a permissive path. Follow this path for about 300m to map ref. SJ 987 651 where the permissive path joins a public footpath. Turn right here to follow the public footpath for about 2.4km to a minor road in Danebridge at map ref. SJ 964 650.

At the road turn right and walk along the road to cross the River Dane on the road bridge. About 150m beyond the bridge turn left off the road to follow the Dane Valley Way by the River Dane heading downstream. (Note: there's a pub in Wincle just a little further along the road if you fancy a short detour for a break). Follow the River Dane downstream along the footpath for about for about 1km from the road at Wincle to Gig Hall Bridge over the river at map ref. SJ 955 642.

Cross the bridge over the River Dane and continue along the Dane Valley Way downstream on the south side of the river. At map ref. SJ 945 636, about 1km from Gig Hall Bridge and about 150m before reaching Barleigh Ford Bridge, turn left off the Dane Valley Way to follow a public footpath generally southwards for about 900m to a minor road at map ref. SJ 943 628.

There is a road junction here and the route turns left to follow the road for about 100m to a right hand bend in the road. At the bend keep straight on leaving the road and following an access road for another 100m then following a path through some buildings and across the fields for about 600m to a minor public road at map ref. SJ 951 626.

At the road turn right and walk along the road for about 100m to Weathercock Farm on the left hand side of the road. Turn left off the road here to follow a footpath across the fields for about 1km to a bend in a public road at map ref. SJ 961 627. At the road turn left and walk along the road to Gun End. At Gun End House on the left of the road the road bends to the left. Continue along the road for about 250m to a junction where the road bends to the right. Follow the road for another 250m to the access road to Neild's Farm on the right hand side of the road (map ref. SJ 966 632).

Turn right here to follow a public footpath along the farm access road and then across the fields to Turner's Pool at map ref. SJ 977 636. From Turner's Pool continue along the footpath across the fields to a minor road in Roche Grange at map ref. SJ 991 632. Follow the road north eastwards through Roche Grange and then northwards along the road to map ref. SJ 995 644 about 1.3km from Roche Grange where the road bends right to head eastwards.

Turn left off the road at the bend to follow a public bridleway for about 100m. Then bear left off the bridleway to follow a public footpath heading straight down the hillside into the forest in the valley of Black Brook. Continue along the footpath through the forest above Black Brook heading north westwards and then dropping down to the brook at map ref. SJ 990 657. Cross the brook here and retrace the outward route across the Scout camp site and along the lane back to the car park and the end of the walk.