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Route No.941226
A166 picnic area, Thixendale, Kirby Underdale,
Garrowby Hill, Deep Dale circuit - 19km
Yorkshire Wolds . . .

Map: OS Explorer 294 Market Weighton & Yorkshire Wolds Central

General Directions (see markers on the route map)

1.) Start at the picnic area off the A166, map ref. SE835568, at the turning for Huggate. From the picnic area cross the A166 and take the path opposite down Wayrham Dale. Continue along the path in the bottom of this dry valley through Bradeham Dale & Thixen Dale for about 4.5km to a road at map ref. SE841603.

2.) At the road, map ref. SE841603, turn right and follow the road for about 600m to a junction. At the junction turn left and follow the road through the village of Thixendale. Just through the village at map ref. SE838611, turn left off the road to follow a bridleway up a dry valley (also called Thixen Dale). After about 1km the valley forks and the path follows the right hand fork, now called Milham Dale, up the valley to pass Thixendale Grange on the right and follow the farm access road out to the public road at map ref. SE811607.

3.) At the road turn left and walk along the road for about 600m. Here turn right off the road to follow a footpath down the edge of the fields. After about 700m the path meets another path coming from the north west. Turn left here to follow this path across Salamanca Beck and out to the public road at map ref. SE808590. At this road turn left and walk up the road for about100m to a stile through the hedge on the right hand side of the road.

4.) Cross the stile and follow the path across the fields to the church yard of All Saints, Kirby Underdale ( Go through the church yard to the road and turn right at the road to walk through the village for about 200m to a sharp right hand bend in the road. Turn left here to a farm access track and follow the track for about 1.8km climbing up the escarpment of the Yorkshire Wolds to the road (A166) at the top of Garrowby Hill at map ref. 809567. Cross the main road and walk along the lane opposite for about 300m.

5.) About 300m along the lane from the top of Garrowby Hill turn left off the lane on to a footpath around the field edges for about 600m to map ref. SE807558. Here turn left and follow the path straight ahead climbing up the wold for about 500m to a road at map ref. SE812559.. Cross the road and continue along the track opposite. After about 300m the track bends to the right and drops down through a plantation into Deep Dale. At the bottom of the slope turn left off the track to follow the path across the bottom of Deep Dale and up the steep valley side and then around the rim of the valley to a road at map ref. SE828559. At the road turn left and walk along the road for about 400m. Turn right here and follow the footpath across the fields for about 1.4km to the road about 100m from the picnic area car park and the end of the walk.