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The trig point on Green Bell


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Route 961011 - Wath(A685),
Gars, Weasdale, Pinksey Head, Green Bell,
Randygill Top, Bowderdale, The Calf,
Hazelgill Knott, West Fell, Bowderdale village
22km circuit - Howgill Fells . . .

Map: OS Explorer OL19 Howgill Fells & Upper Eden Valley at 1:25000

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Please use my map to find the route on your own large scale walking map such as the OS Explorer series at 1:25000.
In this case it's the OS Explorer OL31 North Pennines Teesdale & Weardale at 1:25000
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Route 961011
Wath(A685), Gars, Weasdale, Pinksey Head, Green Bell,
Randygill Top, Bowderdale, The Calf, Hazelgill Knott,
West Fell, Bowderdale village circuit - 22km
Howgill Fells . . .

Map: OS Explorer OL19 Howgill Fells & Upper Eden Valley at 1:25000

General Directions

The walk starts at map ref. NY 685 050 where there is room to park off the road along the access road to the hamlet of Gars that lies about 300m south of the A685. The tiny village of Wath is opposite on the north side of the A685. From the eastern end of the access road follow the lane south to by-pass the hamlet of Gars and continue generally southwards on a public bridleway along a track to join a minor public road at map ref. NY 687 037. Follow the road down a slope and round a left hand bend in the hamlet of Weasdale. Follow the road round to the the right (on the bend there's a private road straight ahead with a bridleway along it) Continue along the public road for about 250m from the bend where there is the intake wall on the right hand side of the road.

Turn off the road here and follow a path around the wall across the open access land for about 200m to join a track running southwards around the moorland side of the field walls. Continue along the track taking the left hand fork as it bears away from the wall to go over Pinksey Head. Just beyond Pinksey Head the track crosses a public footpath but it's better to stay on the track which follows the ridge as it rises up for about 2km to the trig point on the summit of Green Bell (605m) at map ref. NY 698 010.

From the trig point on Green Bell continue along the track dropping down to pass Spengill Head and cross the saddle of land and then climb up along the track to the summit of Randygill Top at map ref. NY 687 000. From the summit cairn make your way south east down the steep side of Randygill Top to the saddle of land between Randygill Top and Kensgriff at map ref. SD 690 997.

From here head south west to follow Great Randy Gill down a steep rocky and rather awkward gully into Bowderdale. Cross Bowderdale Beck and join the bridleway running along the bottom of the valley. (Note: to avoid the descent of Great Randy Gill follow the ridge up to the top of Kensgriff at map ref. SD 688 992 and drop down to the Saddle between Kensgriff and Yarlside. From there follow Little Randy Gill down a somewhat easier descent to rejoin the original route down Great Randy Gill)

At the bridleway in Bowderdale turn left and follow the bridleway heading south up the dale. Continue along the bridleway as it climbs up past Hare Shaw and up to the trig point at The Calf, map ref. SD 667 970. From the Calf retrace your steps for about 400m to the site of a small pond (sometimes dry) From the pond follow the track bending round to the left to head northwards along the ridge for about 2.5km to Hazelgill Knott.

From Hazelgill Knott continue along the track on the ridge for another 2.5km to West Fell and then down from West Fell for another 2.5km to the road at map ref. NY 676 046 on the western edge of Bowderdale village. At the roadturn right and follow the road through the village of Bowderdale. Once through the village continue along the road for about 550m to the side of the A685 where there is a bridge under the main road to the village of Wath. Just before the A685 turn right and walk along the narrow road back to the starting point and the end of the walk.

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