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Looking south along the Eden valley from The Nab on Wild Boar Fell


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Route 970924
Swarth Fell, Wild Boar Fell, R. Eden,
Lady Anne’s Highway, circuit - 19km
Eden Valley . . .

Map: OS Explorer OL19 Howgill Fells & Upper Eden Valley at 1:25000

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Route 970924
Swarth Fell, Wild Boar Fell, R. Eden,
Lady Anne’s Highway, circuit - 19km
Eden Valley . . .

Map: OS Explorer OL19 Howgill Fells & Upper Eden Valley at 1:25000

General Directions

The walk starts at a small lay-by at map ref. SD 784 951 off to the east side of the B6259, just north of the railway bridge at Shaw Paddock farm. From the lay-by walk northwards along the road for about 150m, then turn left off the road to follow a public footpath along a track zig-zagging up the hillside to join a public bridleway at map ref. SD 781 953.

At the bridleway turn left to head south following the bridleway for about 1.5km to the boundary wall at map ref. SD 781 940. Just before the wall turn right and follow the well walked route along the ridge by the boundary wall heading up towards Swarth Fell. After about 2.5km along the ridge the summit of Swarth Fell Pike (651m) is reached at map ref. SD 760 958. After another kilometer the summit of Swarth Fell itself (681m) is reached at map ref. SD 755 966.

Continue along the ridge following the border wall, dropping down from Swarth Fell past a small tarn and then up to the summit plateau of Wild Board Fell. A route around the western edge of the summit plateau goes past a line of cairns and on to the trig point at the summit (708m) (map ref. SD 757 988) and then on to The Nab. Whilst a route around the eastern edge of the summit plateau goes past a gathering of tall narrow cairns and a stone wall cross wind break on High White Scar and leads on to The Nab at the northern end of the summit plateau (map ref. SD 763 991).

From The Nab follow the well walked path down the end of the ridge to meet the Pennine Bridleway at High Dolphinsty, map ref. SD 765 999. Turn right here and follow the Pennine Bridleway down the hillside to pass under the Settle to Carlisle railway line at map ref. SD 778 995. Continue along the Pennine Bridleway and just beyond Hazelgill farm turn left off the Pennine Bridleway to follow a footpath across the fields to Thrang Bridge at map ref. NY 782 004.

Follow the path across the Thrang Bridge and continue along the path to the B6259 about 100m south of The Thrang. At the road turn right and walk southwards along the road past a small parking area on the left. This parking area would make an alternative point to start and finish the walk. Just beyond the parking area turn left off the B6259 to follow a green road called The Lady Anne's Highway climbing up the hillside.

Continue along this green road for almost 4km to Hell Gill Bridge at map ref. SD 786 968. On the way lookout for the sculpture at map ref. SD 785 984. Hell Gill Bridge is over Hell Gill Beck which becomes the River Eden near Aisgill Farm in the valley bottom. Cross the bridge and then turn right off Lady Anne's Highway to follow another green road down the hillside and cross the River Ure at How Beck Bridge. Continue through Shaw Paddock farm to the B6259 at map ref. SD 785 951. At the road turn right and walk along the road under the railway bridge back to the lay-by on the right and the end of the walk.

Note: Hell Gill Beck, that flows out to the Irish sea on the west coast of England, rises in Black Fell Moss. The River Ure, that flows out to the North Sea via The Humber on the east coast of England, rises at Ure Head on Lunds Fell about 2.3km due south of Black Fell Moss. The nearest tributaries of the River Ure and Hell Gill Beck (R. Eden) are only about 100m apart, 50m N & S respectively of map ref. SD 802 969 on the watershed of England.

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