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The River Bradford near Alport
The River Bradford near Alport


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Route No. 940130
Middleton, Bradford Dale, Youlgrave, Over Haddon,
Lathkill Dale, Alport circuit - 12km
Derbyshire Peak District . . .

Map: OS Explorer OL24 The Peak District White Peak area at 1:25000

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Route No. 940130
Middleton, Bradford Dale, Youlgrave, Over Haddon,
Lathkill Dale, Alport circuit - 12km
Derbyshire Peak District . . .

Map: OS Explorer OL24 The Peak District White Peak area at 1:25000

General Directions (see markers on the route map)

1.) Start in the village of Middleton about 7km by road south west of Bakewell. There is plenty of roadside parking in the village centre at map ref. SK196631. From the open village centre head south along the road for about 30m then turn left down an access road. After about 200m the access road bends sharp left and continues down through woodland for about 300m into Bradford Dale. At the River Bradford, map ref. SK199633, the path turns left to follow the river bank down the valley. It's a very pretty place with numerous wiers making fish ponds along the river. After about 1.5km cross a stone clapper bridge over the river and follow the narrow metalled lane called Holywell Lane, leading up a steep climb into the village of Youlgrave at map ref. SK209642.

2.) At the top of the climb up from Bradford Dale where Holywell Lane meets the main street through Youlgrave, turn right and walk along the main street for about 30m. Then turn left into Moor Lane, a narrow lane with a stone wall on the left and a row of terraced cottages on the right. Walk along Moor Lane to the junction with another lane coming in from the right. This is also Moor Lane! From this junction continue straight ahead following the lane around first a left hand bend, then a right hand bend. About 150m after the end of the long right hand bend turn right off the lane on to a path along a walled farm access track. After about 300m the track becomes a path across the fields for another 400m to a minor road. At the road turn right for about 50m and then turn left off the road to follow a footpath across the fields for about 600m to a farm called Meadow Place Grange. Continue along a track through the farm and across a field to the edge of the wooded hillside of Lathkill Dale. Follow the track down through the woodland and round a sharp left hand bend to a footbridge over the River Lathkill at map ref. SK202661.

3.) Cross the footbridge over the River Lathkill and continue along the zig-zag track climbing up the steep hillside to the village of Over Haddon. Near the top of the climb take the right hand turn to follow the lane around the bottom edge of the village to the Lathkil Hotel pub, a good lunch stop. From the pub go through the stone stile at the end of the lane. Through the stile take the right hand path down across two fields to the edge of woodland at the top of the steep bank down to the river. Continue along the path through the woodland and down to a hair pin bend in the road at map ref. SK211657. Follow the road down to the River Lathkill, across the river and begin to climb up the other side of the valley. About 250m from the road bridge over the river turn left off the road to walk along a footpath following the river downstream. Continue along this path for about 1km to the road in Alport at map ref. SK220645.

4.) At the road in Alport turn right for a few metres and then turn left off the road on to a surfaced path heading down to the River Bradford. Continue along this path beside the River Bradford up Bradford Dale for about 2.1km back to the starting point in Middleton and the end of the walk.

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