Jervaux Abbey


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Route No. 98 - Wednesday 7 April 2004
Jervaux Abbey, Thornton Steward,
River Ure circuit - 13km
Wensleydale . . .

Map: OS Explorer 302 Northallerton & Thirsk at 1:25000

Ordnance Survey route map on the Landranger series map base


This morning we drove up Wensleydale to the car park at Jervaux Abbey at map ref SE 168856 and set off at about 10.15 along the path through the grounds of Jervaux Abbey to Kilgram Lane at map ref. SE 183855 and continued on the lane to Kilgram Bridge. We crossed the bridge and took the footpath over the fields to Thornton Steward. From the village we took the bridleway north to Thronton Steward reservoir to check out the car park as a possible starting point for a future walk. We had some lunch at a picnic table at the reservoir before returning to Thronton Steward village. We took the lane from the western end of the village street down to the village church at map ref. SE 170869. From the church we continued along the bridleway past Danby Hall to the road at map ref. SE 145872. We turned left to cross the river Ure by Ulshaw bridge which has a sundial in one of the mid-span pedestrian refuges. The sundial has the date 1674 on the front which is when the bridge was built. We continued across the river Cover by Cover bridge and turned onto the path on the south side of the river Cover at map ref. SE 144869. We followed the riverside path back to the main road at Jervaux Abbey. Along the way we were lucky enough to hear a woodpecker rapping on a dead tree and after pausing to scour the tree tops we saw it - a great spotted woodpecker at the top of a tall dead tree in some woodland beside the path. He kept on tapping for a while and then flew off into the woods. We called in the tearooms at the car park just to round off our walk which had taken us about four hours including our diversion to the reservoir. Thornton Steward village church
Thornton Steward village church
Pen Hill from path near Thornton Steward
Pen Hill from the path near Thornton Steward
Spring growth on the willows near Thronton Steward Church
Buds on the willows at Thronton Steward Church
Violets on the river bank
Violets on the river bank

Spring lambs at Jervaux Abbey
Spring lambs at Jervaux Abbey

Ulshaw Bridge
Ulshaw Bridge

Sundial on Ulshaw Bridge
The Sundial on Ulshaw Bridge

Danby Hall near Thornton Steward