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Sunrise over Beadnell Bay in Northumberland
Sunrise over Beadnell Bay in Northumberland


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A few short stories. . .

Just for fun, nothing literary. . .

Each winter, I like to try one of the adult evening classes on offer and a few years ago I joined a creative writing class for something new. The teacher was very good and had some clever techniques to simulate the imagination and these stories are some of my efforts.

Story No. 1. This story is called My Turn - a day to remember. It's about a mystery from my school days. Were you at primary school in Peckham SE London in 1951? Do you know what really happened?

Story No. 2. A story about my New Braces (if you're American that's "new suspenders") when I was 5 years old.

Story No.3. This one is about a Short Tram Ride I took with my little wooden dog on a string

Story No. 4. Thank goodness our schools are generally pleasant places for children to go nowadays. - My First Days at School were not so happy

Story No.5. Children take things in their stride far more than we give them credit for - we only have to look into our own past to see that, the Carefree Morning I spent after a thunder storm for instance

Story No. 6. A story about nostalgia brought on by a long forgotten aroma and the sight of Dolphins

Story No. 7. Just a few thoughts about the way that climate change is affecting Our World