Walk No.8 Glaisdale, Egton Moor circuit - 15km

Route map from Ordnance Survey Open Space service.

This description gives enough information to find the intended route of the walk on a suitable map. When used with the map the description should help you to find the route and enjoy the things of interest along the way. For this walk I suggest that you use the Ordnance Survey Outdoor Leisure Map 27 which covers the North York Moors, Eastern Area at a scale of 1 :25000. Please do not try to find your way without a proper map.

The walk is a circular route of about 15 km. and should take about 5 hours of steady walking plus any stops you make along the way. There are a few climbs out of the valleys and in some places you will need to pick your way through the muddy bits. You will need strong footwear (preferably walking boots) and the usual safety precautions for this outdoor activity.

My description of the route starts at map reference NZ 784055. This is a lovely old stone pack horse bridge over the river Esk near Glaisdale Station. There is room to park off the road here alongside and under the railway viaduct. From the pack horse bridge go under the railway viaduct and cross the footbridge over a small tributary of the Esk, and follow the footpath through East Arncliff Wood about 1.3 km. south east to Delves.

At the minor road turn right up the hill and round the hairpin bends. At the top of the hill but before you reach Delves Farm turn sharp left doubleing back almost on the footpath that cuts back down the hill skirting the side of "The Delves". You need to be careful for the first 150 m. from the road to be sure that you are heading in the right direction to just skirt past the southern edge of "The Delves". Follow the footpath down into the valley across the footbridge and up the other side to a track running south through Hall Grange Farm.

Stay on this track for about 1.5 km. until you reach a sharp right hand bend just before Grange Head Farm. At this point turn left on the footpath up the hill for about 500 m. onto the open moor. About 50 m. above the last stone field wall the path turns south west towards Egton High Moor. Follow this path across Egton High Moor for about 3.5 km. to a minor road. Across the moor there is a series of six or seven tall oak finger posts marking the footpath. The posts are placed so that about 100 to 150 m. after you pass one post the next becomes visible on the horizon.

The path meets the road beside Wintergill Plantation. At the road turn left and about 200 m. after the end of the plantation take the bridle way on the right. The bridle way follows a well defined track heading towards Mountain Ash Farm. You can keep on the bridle way to the road at the farm and then walk round the road to Nab End, but I think it's nicer to stop one field before the road and turn right to follow a track around The Nab and drop down onto the road in front of Nab End.

Turn right onto the road and just past Nab End turn left onto the footpath down the side of Nab End then heading north east for about 1 km. to a foot bridge where the path joins a bridle way and turns left to head north west for about 600 m. through a farm to a minor road. At the road (Map ref. NZ 753043) turn left for 100 m. then right onto a bridle way climbing up towards the moor top. When you have come about 200 m. along this bridle way from the road, stop for a moment and look over the wall to your right to the little square arena beside the road below you. The arena is about 20 m. square with a roofed over section at the left hand end and a few benches for spectators. This is the local quoits court and league matches are still played in the summer between local teams. Continue up the bridle way to the moor top. For the last few hundred metres onto the moor top, the path is not very well defined but just keep heading up the hill until you strike a wide stony track.

At the track turn right and follow the track for about 1.5 km. until you meet the main road throgh Glaisdale village at The Green. At the main road turn right for 100 m. then turn left down a steep narrow lane. Follow this lane for almost a kilometre to Carr End. At the 'T'-junction with the main road, cross the main road and take the track opposite which cuts through the woods for about 200 m. to bring you back to the footbridge beside the railway viaduct where you started.
I hope you enjoy this walk so much that you'll want to try another one as soon as you can.

Happy wandering! Frank