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A triangulation pillar (trig point) on Rudland Rigg above Farndale
A triangulation pillar (trig point) on Rudland Rigg above Farndale


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North York Moors . . .

Bilsdale . . .

Walk No Length Route
11 15km Chop Gate, Cold Moor, Cringle Moor, Barker's Ridge
13 15km Fangdale Beck, Tripsdale, Cock Howe, Bilsdale Mast
19 14km Newgate Bank to Cowhouse Bank
21 18km Clay Bank to Ingleby Bank
24 14km Hasty Bank, Cold Moor and Botton Head
38 16km Newgate Bank, Easterside Hill, Fangdale Beck, Hawnby Moor
44 11km Fangdale Beck, Moor Gate
46 13km Chop Gate, Cold Moor Lord Stones cafe
60 15km Chop Gate, Botton Head, Hasty Bank, Cold Moor
68 14km Chop Gate, Cock Howe, Tripsdale
96 14km Chop Gate, Tripsdale & Ship Stone, Bilsdale Mast, Cock Howe
93 11km Clay Bank to Lord Stone's Cafe
117 9km Helmsley, Ash Dale
123 10km Newgate Bank, River Rye, Hawnby
138 14km Clay Bank, Ingleby Incline, Botton Head
173 15km Chop Gate, Cock Howe,Lord Stone's Cafe, Raisdale
226 9km Cow House Bank, Roppa Wood, East Moor Wood
209 10km Laskill, Easterside Hill, Fangdale Beck, River Seph
277 12km Newgate Bank, River Rye, Rievaulx Abbey, Helmsley
332 13km Newgate Bank, Roppa Wood, River Seph, Easterside Hill
344 13km Hasty Bank, Wainstones, Cold Moor, Cringle Moor, Clay Bank
357 8km Chop Gate, Flat Howe, Cock Howe circuit (difficult navigation)
358 9km Chop Gate, Seave Green, Medd Crag, Urra, Cold Moor circuit
530 8km Newgate Bank, River Seph, Hawnby, River Rye, Shaken Br
552 6km Lord Stones Cafe, Cleveland Way, Cringle Moor circuit
571 9km Clay Bank, West Wood Fm, Old Sheepfold Fm, Greenhow Plantation
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Cleveland Hills . . .

Walk No Length Route
114 12km Oak Dale, Osmotherley, Scarth Nick
132 17km Silton Wood, Thimbleby, Osmotherly, Cod Beck, Oak Dale
140 15km Black Hambleton and Great Arden Moor
158 15km Commondale, Guisborough Woods
156 18km Kildale, Baysdale
171 12km Ellers Wood, Cow Ridge, Arnsgill Ridge, Wheat Beck
172 10km Sutton Bank, Gormire Lake, Boltby Scar
175 16km Silton Woods, Oak Dale, Drove Road, Kepwick
195 12km Clay Bank, Botton Head, Ingleby Incline, Greenhow Plantation
196 15km Chop Gate,Cock Howe,Barker's Crags,Cringle Moor,
210 10km Scarth Nick, Arncliffe wood, Osmotherley, Cod Beck Reservoir
211 10km Boltby, Boltby Forest, Cleveland Way, Low Paradise Farm
287 12km Cod Beck, Oak Dale, Osmotherley, Cleveland Way, Scarth Nick
312 11km Boltby, Felixkirk, Kirkby Knowle circuit
316 13km Ellers Wood picnic area, Cow Ridge, Head Ho, Arnsgill Ridge
324 8km Cod Beck Reservoir, Cleveland Way, Osmotherley circuit
344 13km Hasty Bank, Wainstones, Cold Moor, Cringle Moor, Clay Bank
346 11km Gribdale Gate, Captain Cooks Monument, Roseberry Topping
385 10km Osmotherley, Cleveland Way, Oak Dale, Thimbleby circuit
412 6km Cod Beck Cleveland Way Osmotherley Cod Beck Reservoir
465 8km Swainby, Whorlton, Whorl Hill, Cleveland Way, Scugdale
620 6km Aireyholme Lane, Roseberry Topping, Newton Wood
630 10km Square Corner, Black Hambleton, Cleveland Way, Arden Great Moor, Dale Head farm
658 5km Guisborough, Butt Lane, Guisborough Woods, Cleveland Way, Cleveland Street, Guisborough Priory
745 7km Flatts Lane Park, Eston Moor, Eston Nab circuit
793 4.5km Guisborough Branch Walkway Nature Reserve
844 2.3km Circuit of Cod Beck Reservoir, Osmotherley
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Hambleton Hills . . .

Walk No. Length (km) Route
125 16km Boltby Forest, Hawnby Church, Arden Hall, Hambl'n Drove Rd
52 13km Silton Woods, Kepwick, Hambleton Drove Road
103 7km Husthwaite to Coxwold via Beacon Banks
127 14km Wass Bank, Scawton, Flassen Dale, Claythwaite Rigg
129 8km Byland Abbey, Wass, Mt Snever Observatory, Oldstead
162 15km River Rye, Murton Grange, Caydale, Nettle Dale
188 7km Kilburn White Horse, Hambleton Hotel, Sutton Bank
264 9km White Horse Bank, Sutton Bank, Hambleton Inn, Oldstead Road
312 7km Boltby, Felixkirk, Kirkby Knowle circuit
352 7km Oldstead, High Kilburn, Oldstead Grange circuit
389 11km Boltby, High Barn, Cleveland Way, Steeple Cross, Boltby Forest
393 2km Wass Bank Woods circuit
450 8km Boltby, Low Paradise farm, Hambleton Drove Road, High Barn
493 8km White Horse Bank, John Bunting's Chapel, Roulston Scar circuit
496 6km Kepwick, Nab Farm, Cleveland Way, Sheepwash Bank
514 11km Kepwick, Cowesby, Cleveland Way, circuit
679 7km Felixkirk, Cinque Cliff Ho, Thirlby, Tang Hall, Cinque Cliff Wd
703 4km Hood Hill circuit, Kilburn
723 8km By-way towards Arden Hall, Bridleway around Dale Town Common, Hambleton Drove Road
791 7km Brickshed Cottage, Cowesby, Home Farm, Gallow Hill, Windygill Ridge circuit
833 4km Kilburn, Church, High Kilburn, Brow Bank, River Road, Oldstead Road, Carr Lane circuit
852 4km Sneck Yate car park, Boltby Bank, Cleveland Way, High Paradise Farm, Cross Hambleton Drove Road, Silver Hill Farm circuit
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Newtondale/Hole of Horcum/Dalby Forest/Pickering/ . . .

Walk No Length Route
01 10km Levisham to Newtondale
12 11km Hole of Horcum, Dundale Griff, Skelton Tower
15 15km Newton Dale and Levisham Moor
29 15km Bridestones and Hole of Horcum
34 20km Saltergate, Lilla Howe, Simon Howe, Newtondale
35 13km Newton-on-Rawcliffe, Raindale Head, Newtondale
62 20km Hole-of-Horcum, Newton Dale, Simon Howe, Lilla Howe
80 15km Newton-upon-Rawcliffe, Newtondale
91 12km Hole-of-Horcum, Levisham, Skelton Tower
115 10km Levisham, Dundale Pond, Saltergate, Skelton Tower
116 14km Lockton, Stain Dale, Bridestones
154 16km Hole of Horcum, Malo Cross,Blakey Topping
166 10km Hole of Horcum: Pigtrough, Hawdale & Honess Griffs
187 8.5km Hole-of-Horcum, Dundale Pond
201 17km Hole-of-Horcum, Maylo Cross, Bridestones, Staindale
267 10km Fox & Rabbit pub, Newton Dale, Levisham, Lockton
276 9km Pickering, Howl Dale circuit
281 11km Thornton-le-Dale, Ellerburn, Howl Dale, Pickering circuit
371 11km Hole-of-Horcum, Skelton Tower, Dundale Pond circuit
419 7km Staindale Lake, Dargate Dikes, Bridestones circuit
471 11km Levisham, Dundale Griff, Levisham Station, Farwath
581 5km Lockton, Levisham Beck, The Valley Church, Sleights Road
603 6km Lockton, Westfield La, Cross Dale, Valley Church, Mill Bank Rd
618 6km Hole-of-Horcum, Newtondale Halt circuit
685 8km Newton-on-Rawcliffe, Tabular Hills route, East Brow Rd, Ruddings Rd, Keldgate Rd, West Dyke Rd
708 8km Lockton, Staindale, Low Dalby, Fox & Rabbit, Westfield Lane
721 8km Pickering, A169, Love Lane, Pickering Beck, NYMR Station
732 5km Thornton-le-Dale, South Lane, Outgang Lane, Thornton Beck, Ellerburn, Thornton Mill
783 5km Levisham, Levisham Brow, Dundale Griff, Dundale Pond, Limpsey Gate Lane circuit
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Goathland . . .

The Tornado on the NYMR at Grosmont

Walk No Length Route
18 15km Whinstone Ridge Circuit
37 13km Goathland, Beck Hole, Park Rigg, Wheeldale, Simon Howe
275 14km Eller beck, Newtondale, Wardle Green, Simon Howe, Goathland
286 12km Goathland waterfalls circuit
291 7km Beck Hole, Rail Trail, Grosmont, Crag Cliff Wood
406 10km Grosmont, Rail Trail, Goathland, Thomason Foss, Crag Cliff Wood
541 10km Grosmont, Green End, Hawthorn Hill Fm, Greenlands Fm, Fairhead Fm
563 11km Wheeldale Br, Cropton Fst, Wardle Gn, Simon Howe, Hunt Ho, Roman Rd
611 15km Moorgates, Partridge Hill, Goathland, Hollin Garth, Esk Valley, Rail Trail
674 5km Beck Hole, Hollin Garth, Green End, Rail Trail, Murk Esk
814 4km Beck Hole, Murk Esk Cottage, Struntry Carr, Randy Rigg, Thackside Farm, Combs Wood circuit
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Hutton-le-Hole/Rosedale/Farndale . . .

Walk No Length Route
23 15km Hutton-le-Hole, Rosedale and Spaunton
25 15km Rosedale Ironstone Railway
26 13km Farndale and Rudland Rigg
32 14km Northdale Rigg, Shunner Howe and Hartoft Dale
39 13km Low Mill, Blakey Ridge, Lion Inn, Church Houses Farndale
51 17km Danby Head, Danby Dale, Fryup Dale, Rosedale
70 12km Kirkbymoorside, Gillamoor, Fadmoor, Kirk Dale
76 10km Farndale head, Rudland Rigg, Old ironstone railway
85 15km Sinnington, Lastingham, Spaunton, Appleton-le-Moors
118 13km Lowna, Farndale, Sleightholme Dale
119 12km Rudland Rigg, Farndale, Low Mill
124 13km Hutton-le-Hole, Ana Cross, Lastingham
187 9km Hole-of-Horcum, Dundale Pond
199 14km Rosedale Abbey, Rosedale Bank, Anna Cross, Lastingham
201 17km Hole-of-Horcum, Maylo Cross, Bridestones, Staindale
229 12 km Hutton-le-Hole, Rosedale Chimney, Anna Cross, Lastingham
261 14km Shaw Ridge, Rudland Rigg
279 12km Blakey Ridge, Rosedale, Ironstone Railway circuit
282 8km Farndale Head, Bloworth Crossing, Ironstone Railway Path
288 11km Lowna, R. Dove, Low Mill, Harland Moor circuit
328 12km Blakey Ridge, Rosedale, Ironstone railway circuit
400 9km Low Mill, Blakey Ridge, Rosedale railway, Farndale
404 8km River Dove daffodil circuit from Lowna, Farndale
438 10km Rosedale Abbey, Northdale circuit
437 10km Russells Wood, Hartoft Dale, Cropton Forest, Northdale Rigg
436 10km Sinnington, Appleton-le-Moors, Cropton, River Seven circuit
452 10km Church Houses, Bragg Farm, Blakey Ridge, Rosedale Railway
538 10km Rosedale Abbey, Anna Cross, Ironstone Railway, Thorgill, R. Seven
585 8km Elm House, Ironstone Railway, Rudland Rigg, Farndale
604 9km Low Mill, West Gill, Rudland Rigg, Monket Ho, Dale Side Rd
638 10km Hutton-le-Hole, Oxclose Lane, Hutton Beck, Douthwaite Dale, River Dove, Back of Parks Road, Gillamoor circuit
651 7km Thorgill, Clough House, Bell End, River Seven circuit
770 5km Bransdale Road, Harland Beck, Track round Harland Farm, Rudland Rigg circuit
787 6km Low Moor, High Wold Ho, Bragg Fm, Daleside Rd, Church Houses, High Mill, River Dove circuit
846 3km Blakey Ridge, Ironstone Railway Rosedale, Lion Inn, Ironstone Railway Farndale
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Bransdale . . .

Walk No Length Route
20 15km East Moors and Bransdale
33 16km Bransdale, Bloworth Crossing, Cleveland Way, Tripsdale
69 13km Little Roll Gate, Hodge Beck, East Moor Wood
83 12km Sleightholme Dale & Rudland Rigg
151 13km Bransdale, Stump Cross, Bloworth Crossing, Rudland Rigg
226 9km Cow House Bank, Baxton's Wd, Roppa Wd, East Moor Wd
225 11km East Moor Wood, Pockley Moor, Lund farm, Helmsley
261 14km Shaw Ridge, Rudland Rigg
262 18km Bransdale, Rudland Rigg, Bloworth Crossing, Badger Stone
283 9km Kirkdale, Hodge Beck, Robin Hood's Howl circuit
361 9km Cockayne, Bransdale Mill, Shaw Ridge, Rudland Rigg
392 9km Cowhouse Beck circuit Helmsley
397 11km East Moor Wood, Cinder Hill, Birk Nab Farm, Lund Farm
442 10km Hodge Beck Sleightholmedale Rollgate Bank, Stonely Woods
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Walk No Length Route
111 17km Westerdale to Fat Betty, Lion Inn, & returning via Esklets
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River Derwent/Harwood Dale . . .

Walk No Length Route
36 20km Falcon Inn, Ravenscar, Jugger Howe Beck, Harwood Dale
40 13km Langdale End, River Derwent, Whisper Dales, Broxa
42 21km Forge Valley, Hutton Buscel, Sea Cut, Raincliffe Woods
221 9km Forge Valley, Ayton Castle, River Derwent
265 13km Cocksmoor Hall Ebberston Low Moor Troutsdale
266 15km Cocksmoor Hall car park, Snainton
338 11km Forge Valley, Wrench Green, Sea Cut, Raincliffe Woods
456 8km Forge Valley geological trail, Raincliffe Wood
602 7km Dog Bark Bend car park, Raincliffe Woods
731 8km Scalby, Keld Runnels Road, Mowthorpe Fm, Sea Cut, Hay La
772 8km Brompton, Wood Gate Way, Sawdon, Ruston, Hudgin Lane, Acres Lane, Hungate Brompton
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Cropton Forest . . .

Walk No Length Route
31 15km Roman Camps, Keldy, Cropton Forest
202 15km Cropton, Cropton Forest, Hartoft End, R. Seven, Cropton Banks
240 10km Cropton Forest, Simon Howe, Wheeldale Beck, Roman Road
377 12km Rutmoor Beck, Cropton Forest, Mauley Cross
563 11km Wheeldale Br, Cropton Fst, Wardle Gn, Simon Howe, Hunt Ho, Roman Rd
667 7km Rutmoor Beck, Roman Road, Skivick Crag, Wheeldale Beck stepping stones, Cropton Forest, Keys Beck Rd
713 7km Cropton, New Inn, Low Lane, Appleton Mill Farm, Lower Askew, Cropton Beck, Cropton Banks
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Walk No Length Route
55 13km Baysdale circuit
366 9km Hob Hole, Great Hograh Moor, Baysdale Beck
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Sutton Bank/Hawnby . . .

Walk No Length Route
65 12km Sutton Bank, Kilburn White Horse Gormire Lake
75 15km Easterside Hill, Hawnby, Hambleton Drove Road, Thorodale
121 10km Sutton Bank, Gormire Lake, Cleveland Way
153 11km Moor Gate, Hawnby Moor,Harker Gates, Hawnby
231 11km Sutton Bank Visitor Centre, Cold Kirkby, Cleveland Way
231 18km Sutton Bank Visitor Centre, Cold Kirkby, Cleveland Way
297 15km Hawnby Church, Thorodale, Hambleton Drove Road circuit
302 8km Hawnby, Easterside Hill, Hawnby Hill circuit
320 10km White Horse Bank, Gormire Lake, Sutton Bank Visitor Centre
398 4km Sutton Bank, Cleveland Way, Hambleton House
512 9km Sutton Bank, Roulston Scar, Hood Grange, Gormire Lake
583 8km Hawnby Ch, Coomb Hill, Arden Hall, Mt Pleasant Fm, R Rye, Hawnby
784 6km Hawnby Church, Coomb Hill, Arden Hall, Mount Pleasant Farm, Church Bridge
785 6km Moor Gate, Ladhill Beck, Moorland Track, Ladhill Beck, Hawnby Moor circuit
790 6km Sutton Bank, Hambleton, Hambleton High House, Dialstone Farm, Cleveland Way circuit
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Esk Valley . . .

Walk No Length Route
88 17km Glaisdale circuit
186 7km Littlebeck, The Hermitage, Maybeck, Falling Foss
191 15km Egton High Moor, Glaisdale, East Arnecliff Wood
362 10km Danby, Little Fryup Dale, Danby Rigg, Ainthorpe
408 14km Castleton Gt Hograh Moor Baysdale Battersby Moor Battersby
433 11km Dalby Visitor Ctr, Housedale Rigg, Sand Dale, Thornton Dale
451 11km Falling Foss, Littlebeck, Maybeck, John Bond's Sheephouse
473 10km Sleights Moor, Littlebeck, Falling Foss
526 7km Kildale, Mill Bank Wood, Ayton Banks Wood, Captain Cook's Monument, Coate Moor Forest, Bankside Farm
555 11km Danby Beacon, Nean Howe Rigg, Scaling Dam Reservoir, Brown Rigg
564 11km Castleton, West Green Farm, Stormy Hall, Danby Dale, East Cliff, North End Farm, Esk Valley Walk
580 7km Sleights to Grosmont (Esk Valley Trail)
637 6km Beggars Bridge, Limber Hill, Egton Lane, Egton Mortuary Chapel, Westonby Farm, Church Dale Farm, River Esk
687 7km Lealholm, Esk Valley Walk, Underpark Farm, Lealholm Rigg, Lealholm Station
694 9km Westerdale, Whyett Bridge, Carr House Farm, Esk Valley Walk, John Breckton Road, Osseker Crook Bridge
753 6km Castleton, Westgate Farm, Commondale Beck circuit
851 3km Esk Valley Walk, East Arnecliff Wood, road to Egton Bridge, River Esk Stepping stones linear walk
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Yorkshire Coast . . .

Walk No Length Route
06 13km Bempton to Filey
16 11km Ravenscar to Robin Hoods Bay
48 18km Sandsend, Mulgrave Woods Mickleby, Cleveland Way
78   Solar Eclipse seen from Scarborough
90 10km Reighton Sands to Filey
109 15km Flamborough Head circuit from Danes Dyke
133 15km Staithes, Newton Mulgrave, Runswick Bay
136 16km Cloughton, Crook Ness, Cloughton Woods, Heyburn Wyke
183 4km Robin Hood's Bay, Rain Dale
224 9km Sewerby to Flamborough South Landing circuit
219 15km Bempton RSPB, cliff path to Speeton, beach to Filey
214 10km Cloughton, Crook Ness, Hayburn Wyke, Cleveland Way
247 12km Ravenscar, Cleveland Way, Robin Hood's Bay
295 13km Bempton, Flamborough South Landing, via Flamborough Head
304 12km Whitby, Gnipe Howe(Hawsker), Cleveland Way, Saltwick Bay
364 9km Cayton Bay, Cleveland Way, Scarborough, Low Water Shore
379 10km Cayton Bay to Filey via the Cleveland Way
451 11km Falling Foss, Littlebeck, Maybeck, John Bond's Sheephouse
466 8km Robin Hood's Bay, disused railway, Park Wall, Boggle Hole
533 11km Robin Hood's Bay, Railway Path, Cleveland Way, Stoupe Beck
615 9km Saltburn, Cleveland Way, Warsett Hill, New Brotton, Saltburn Gill Nature Reserve
623 8km Bempton RSPB Reserve, Bempton village, Mill Farm, Buckton village, Headland Way cliff path
681 6km Runswick Bay, Cleveland Way, permissive railway path
697 7km Ravenscar, Coastal Railway, War Dike La, Cleveland Way
736 8km Skinningrove Beck, Cleveland St Walk, Cleveland Way, Cattersty Sands
771 6km Ravenscar, Peak Alum Works, Cleveland Way,
Stoupebrow Cott Farm, Railway Path circuit
801 5km Whitby Abbey car park, Cleveland Way, Saltwick Bay,
Hawsker Lane, The Ropery, St Mary's Church circuit
805 7km Peasholm Park, Dean Road Cemetery, Scarborough Castle, Marine Drive circuit
807 5km West Ave, Centenary Way, Cliff top path, Primrose Valley, Filey Beach, Coble Landing, Filey Promenade, Glen Gardens
836 9km Hawsker, Hawsker Bottoms, Cleveland Way, South Whitby Lighthouse, Beacon Hill, Widdy Field, Gnipe Howe circuit
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Helmsley . . .

Walk No Length Route
117 11km Collier Hag wood, Ash Dale circuit
225 11km East Moor Wood, Piethorn Farm, Pockley Moor, Lund farm
217 14km Helmsley, Riccal Dale, Carlton Grange, Collier Hag Wood
226 9km Cow House Bank, Baxton's Wood, Roppa Wood, East Moor
283 9km Kirkdale, Hodge Beck, Robin Hood's Howl circuit
300 8km Helmsley, Duncombe Park, River Rye circuit
305 5km Helmsley, River Rye circuit
339 15km Cowhouse Bank Newgate Bank Rievaulx Moor High Baxton's
392 9km Cowhouse Beck circuit Helmsley
457 11km Helmsley, Ash Dale (Tabular Hills route) Riccal Dale
547 10km Riccal Bridge, Rape La, Gale La, Beadlam, Pockley, Riccal Dale
562 10km Pockley, Riccal Dale, Hasty Bank Farm circuit
584 8km Cowhouse Beck, Old Fold, Roppa Wood, Helmsley Moor, East Moor Wood
670 6km Riccal Bridge, Riccal Dale, Low Tun Way, Rea Garth Farm (NOT Reagarth Farm)
706 5km Sproxton, Ebor Way, River Rye, Helmsley
816 6km A170 Kirkdale, Hold Caldron, St. Gregory's Minster, Kirkdale La
842 3.5km Helmsley Market Square, Elmslac Close, Feversham Rd, Ash Dale, Tabular Hills Wk, Borough Beck, High St, All Saints Church
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Easingwold & Thirsk . . .

Boxing Day hunt from Easingwold Market Square
Boxing Day hunt from Easingwold Market Square

Walk No. Length (km) Route
230 10km Birdforth, Thormanby, Husthwaite, Carlton Husthwaite
384 8km Birdforth, Thormanby, Husthwaite, Carlton Husthwaite
497 8km Market Sq, Knot La, Crankley La, Alne Rd, Millfields, Uppleby
517 11km E'wold, Foss Way, Acaster Hill, North Moor Rd, Toft Ings La
518 8km Easingwold, Claypenny Hill, Wandal Rd, Stillington Rd, Nova
560 7km Alne, Youlton, Tollerton, River Kyle circuit
572 12km Knott La, Lund Sand La, Stoneycourse La, North Moor La, Toft Ings La
605 8km Road walk from Husthwaite to Easingwold via Thornton Hill
654 7km Thirsk, Cemetery Road, Thirsk Station, Sowerby, Cod Beck
727 6km Millgate car park, Cod Beck, Whitelass Beck, Stockton Road, Upsall Lane, Hag Lane, Stoneybrough Lane circuit
754 5km Thirkleby, Balk, Bagby circuit
829 3km Market Sq, Church Hill, Copperclay Wk, Uppleby, Spring St
830 4km Galtres Centre, Crab Mill La, Stillington Rd, Lay Carr La, Crayke Rd, circuit
831 4km Main Street, Gracious Street, Hurn Road, Kirk Moor Fm, Skates La, Cemetery, Ox Close La, Stillington Road circuit
834 4km Carlton Husthwaite, Wildon Hill, Wildon Hill Farm,
Twattleton Beck, Angram Grange circuit
835 5km Sutton-on-the-Forest Main Street, public footpath south to Goose Lane, footpath via Sutton Park to Main Street
838 5km Skipton-on-Swale, The Camp, Skipton Bridge,
River Swale path, Catton, St John's Church circuit
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York . . .

Walk No Length Route
108 15km River Ouse from Linton Lock to Water End in York
181 5km Circuit of York City Walls
233 8km Bishop Wood (no hills) Sherburn-in-Elmet/Selby
280 9km River Ouse circuit, City of York
323 12km Skelton, Rawcliffe, River Ouse circuit
325 5km York City centre in the alleys between the buildings
327 8km Skelton, River Ouse, Rawcliffe circuit
355 8km Beningbrough, Newton-upon-Ouse, Beningbrough Hall
383 5km The New Walk, Millennium Bridge, Rowantree Park, R Ouse
394 3km Skelton, River Ouse circuit
395 13km Stamford Bridge, River Derwent, Hagg wood, Dunnington
413 6km Strensall Common, Strensall, Walbutts circuit
511 10km Skipwith Common, Skipwith village circuit
591 4km Wheldrake Ings wetland nature reserve
2km Tansy Beetles, River Ouse, York
709 6km Skelton, Sustrans cycleway65, Overton, River Ouse
751 5km Wheldrake Wood circuit
755 7km Moor Monkton, Park Farm, River Ouse, River Nidd circuit
818 5km Intake Lane, Hagg Farm, Hagg Wood, Hagg Lane, The Intakes circuit
837 5km Westfield Lane pond, The Village, Church Lane, Footpath, Stoop Clo, Lund Clo, Westfield La track, Westfield Wood, Westfield Lane circuit
839 5km Designer Outlet, Bishop‘s Palace, River Ouse, Fulford Ings, Love Lane, Millennium Bridge, Rowntree Park - linear walk
845 3.3km Askham Bar Park & Ride, Askham Bog Nature reserve, Copmanthorpe
850 5km Rawcliffe P&R, Manor Lane, Village Street, recreation ground, Rawcliffe Lake, Greystoke Road Eastholme Drive, Westholme Drive, Rawcliffe Ings
855 3.4km Beningbrough Hall, River Ouse, Beningbrough Lane, Pike Pond circuit
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Boroughbridge . . .

Walk No Length Route
182 6km Boroughbridge, River Ure, Aldborough
215 10km Myton-on-Swale, River Swale, River Ure, Milby
381 12km Boroughbridge, R Ure, Myton-on-Swale, Milby, Milby Cut
470 7km Langthorpe, Milby Cut, Milby, Kirby Hill, Moor Lane, River Ure
503 8km Great Ouseburn, Mill lane, Thorpe Head, Thorpe Underwood
506 9km Aldwark, Myton Moor circuit
542 6km Marton-le-Moor, Cana Barn, Moor Lanr circuit
543 8km Roecliffe, River Tutt, Staveley Nature Reserve circuit
573 11km Staveley, Sheaflands Lane, Roecliffe, Newfields Farm
574 7km Helperby, Thornton Br, Ewe Hole La, Brecks La, Rag Hill La
578 7km Langthorpe picnic site, Boroughbridge, River Ure, Aldborough
601 8km Dog Kennel Lane, Skelton, Cottage Farm, Moor Lane
614 6km Boroughbridge Walking Festival, 'Aldwark Ramble'
646 12km Burton Leonard, South Stainley, Brearton, Green La, Rigg Moor La, Limekiln La
668 8km Rabbit Hill, Mickledale farm, Legram Lane (Marton-cum-Grafton), Ives Farm, Moor Lane
828 7km Burton Leonard, Mains Lane, Bishop Monkton, Ripon Rowel Route circuit
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Yorkshire Dales . . .

Wharfedale . . .

Walk No Length Route
5 12km Kettlewell to Great Whernside
7 14km Cavendish Pavillion cafe to Simon's Seat
30 19km Halton Gill, Pen-y-Ghent, Plover Hill
41 13km Grassington and Conistone Dib Wharfedale
43 19km Trollers Gill, Burnsall, Grimwith Wharfedale
53 10km Buckden Pike via Buckden Beck, Starbotton Wharfedale
61 11km Fewston & Swinsty reservoirs Washburn valley Blubberhouses
63 16km Arncliffe, Street Gate, Yew Cogar Scar Littondale
89 19km Barden Moor, Rylstone Cross,Cracoe Monument
126 12km Thruscross Reservoir, Washburn Valley
131 21km Draughton, The Strid, Bolton Abbey
146 13km Kettlewell, Conistone, Dales Way
167 8km Grassington Conistone Malham Moor Treshfield
168 15km Fewston&Swinsty Reservoirs, Dob Park Bridge,Timble
174 15km Blubberhouses to Bolton Abbey via Rocking Hall
184 8km Spofforth, River Crimple, Follifoot Spofforth Castle
192 6km Norwood Edge, Stainburn Forest, Little Alms Cliff
193 12km Blubberhouses, Roman Road, Lipersley Ridge, Timble
198 14km Kettlewell, Conistone Moor, Dales Way
203 11km Burnsall, Hebdon, Grassington(via High Lane), River Wharfe
205 7km Barden Bridge to Cavendish Pavillion, River Wharfe,the Strid
223 9km Spofforth, Sicklinghall, Stockeld Park circuit
235 10km Blubberhouses, Fewston Reservoir, Swinsty Reservoir
238 15km Pool, Almscliff Crag, Huby,River Wharfe
243   Giggleswick and Wharfedale Helicopter flight
256 11km Harewood village, Wike, Harewood Estate
258 10km Barden reservoirs, Broad Park Moor
260 16km Grimwith Reservoir, Trollers Gill, River Wharfe, Appletreewick
292 11km Buckden, Cray, Yockenthwaite, Hubberholme circuit
299 9km Bolton Abbey, Beamsley, Storiths circuit
309 12km Golden Acre Park, Five Lane Ends, Eccup Reservoir
322 7km Heber Ghyll, Ilkley Moor circuit, Ilkley
337 10km Barden Bridge, Simons Seat, River Wharfe circuit
340 12km Scargill Res. Beaver Dyke Res. Swinsty Res. Little Alms Cliff
353 9km Otley Chevin Forest Park circuit, Otley
356 12km Tadcaster, Catterton, Healaugh circuit
193a 12km Blubberhouses, Roman Road Lippersley Ridge, Fewston Res
424 11km Grassington, Dales Way, Conistone Dib, Conistone circuit
430 12km Blubberhouses, Round Hill, Gawk Hill Gate circuit
458 11km Thruscross Dam, R. Washburn, Kex Gill Moor, Spittle Ings House
515 9km Golden Acre Pk, Eccup, Bramhope, Paul's Pond, Breary Marsh
519 13km Buckden, Buckden Pike, Walden Road, Starbotton, Kettlewell
534 11km Grassington, Hebden(via High Lane), Hebden Beck, Yarnbury
535 10km B6265 Stump Cross, Pock Stones Moor, R. Washburn(linear walk)
536 11km Embsay Reservoir, Eastby Gate, Hutchen Gill Head, Embsay Crag
537 12km Hebden, Backstone Edge La, Blea Beck, Duke's New Rd, Hebden Beck
554 11km Deepdale Br, Oughtershaw, Green Field Beck, Beckermonds, Dales Way
556 11km Bolton Abbey along the River Wharfe to Ilkley via the Dales Way
561 9km Beamsley Beacon, Little Gate, Foldshaw Ridge, Badgers Gate
587 11km Cow&Calf, Keighley Rd, Whetstone Gt, 12 Apostles, High Lanshaw
599 10km Raisgill, Horse Head, Beckermonds, Deepdale, Yockenthwaite
622 8km Grassington, Linton Falls, R. Wharfe, Grass Wood, Dales Way
625 11km Yarnbury, Bycliffe Road, Grassington Moor, Old Moor Lane
631 8km Malham Moor Lane, Mastiles Lane, Lee Gate Farm, Bordley
655 8km Harewood Avenue, Farfield Farm, Ebor Way, River Wharfe, Fitts Lane, Harewood circuit
675 8km Blubberhouses, Hall Lane, Kex Gill Road, Redshaw Hall, Washburn Valley
682 8km Kirkby Overblow, Swindon Grange Farm, Kearby with Netherby, Marsh La, Barrowby La
695 9km Addingham Bark Lane, Nesfield, Owler Park Road, Ilkley Bridge, Riverside park, Dales Way
702 10km Bolton Rd, Bolton Br, Beamsley La, Gibbeter Fm, Currer La, Langbar Lane, West Hall Fm, R. Wharfe, Dales Way
724 8km Dob Park Rd, Dob Park Ho Fm, Dob Park Wood, Dob Park Br, Middle Fm, Rose Tree Fm, Crag Fm
734 8km Burley Station, Hag Fm, Moor Rd, Carr Bottom Res, Coldstone Beck, Stead La, Colston Drive, Moor Lane
750 7km Grassington, Linton Falls, Thorpe Lane, Linton, Threshfield, Sedber Lane circuit
752 6km Burnsall, River Wharfe, Kail Hill, Appletreewick circuit
757 5km Askwith, Brick House, Top Moorside Farm, Whin Hill Farm, Scales House Farm, Hall Lane circuit
760 6km North Lane car park, White Crag House, Beecroft Moor Plantation, Ridge Top Farm, Timble, Nether Timble, Swinsty Hall
764 8km Blubberhouses, Washburn Valley, Thruscross Dam, Kex Gill Road, Hall Lane circuit
795 5km Arncliffe church, River Skirfare field path, Hawkswick footbridge, return via road
802 7km Linton, Well Lane, Moor Lane, Linton Moor, Moor lane, B6265 circuit
813 5km Hebden, Edge Top, Mossy Moor Reservoir, Hebden Beck, Hole Bottom circuit
815 4km Kirkby Lane, Kearby Methodist Church, Kirkby Lane, public bridleway, Lund Head Lane, Kirkby Lane circuit
843 4.3km Penny Pot Lane, Jonah‘s Lane, Bank End Farm, Harrogate Link, Haverah Park Top, Beaver Dyke Reservoir, circuit
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Nidderdale . . .

Walk No Length Route
22 8km Studley Deer Park and Fountains Abbey near Ripon
28 16km Scar House Reservoir & Middlesmoor Nidderdale
106 15km Pateley Bridge, Gouthwaite reservoir, Nidderdale
128 16km Pateley Bridge, Brimham Rocks, Guise Cliff (Nidderdale Way)
139 14km Studley Park, Ripon Rowel, Markington, Fountains Abbey
157 11km Studley Deer Park, River Laver, Fountains Abbey
184 8km Spofforth, River Crimple, Follifoot, Spofforth Castle
227 10km Ripley via Nidderdale Way, Bedlam - Lower Nidderdale
232 7km Circuit of Grimwith Reservoir nr Pateley Bridge
223 9km Spofforth, Sicklinghall, Stockeld Park
208 14km Studley Deer Park, R. Skell, Monks' Fish Pond, Markenfield Hall
206 11km Nidd Gorge circuit, Knaresborough
204 11km Studley Royal Deer Park, Seven Bridges Valley, River Laver
232 7km Circuit of Grimwith Reservoir nr Pateley Bridge
242 10km Ripley via Nidderdale Way, Bedlam circuit, Lower Nidderdale
250 11km Nidd Gorge Woods circuit ,Knaresborough
274 12km Pateley Bridge, Wath, Ashfold Side Beck, Nidderdale Way
310 14km Knaresborough, Follifoot, Plumpton Hall, River Nidd
308 8km Our Ancient Tree Hunt, Studley Deer Park, Fountains Abbey
334 11km Pateley Bridge, Panorama walk, Wath, Gouthwaite Res, R.Nidd
347 10km Scar House and Angram reservoirs circuit
378 11km Pateley Br, Fishpond Wd, Ravens Gill, Guise Cliff, Yorke's Folly
380 9km Sawley, Lacon Cross, Warsill Hall Farm, Eavestone Lake circuit
431 14km Pateley Br, Abraham Crags, Heyshaw, Dacre Banks, Glasshouses
440 10km Stock Beck, Dallow, Carlesmoor, Kex Moor circuit
501 11km Knaresbro, Harrgt Ringway, Nidd Gorge, Nidderdale Greenway
502 11km Dacre Walls Walk
531 7km Ripley, Nidderdale Greenway, River Nidd, Nidd Gorge
577 6km Geology Trail, Toft Gate Lime Kiln, Coldstone Cut, Lead Mines, Greenhow
586 10km Studley Park, Whitcliffe Hall, Hell Wath, Studley Roger
600 6km Galphay, Braithwaite Hall, Hubber La, Azerley, Lawnwith
635 9km Dacre Banks, River Nidd, Hartwith, Summerbridge circuit
636 8km Ripley, Newton Hall, High Cayton, Nidderdale Way circuit
647 7km How Stean Gorge, Middlesmoor, Netherside Head Farm, Limley Farm, Nidderdale Way, Lofthouse
650 7km Harlow Moor Road, Valley Gardens, Harrogate Ringway, Oak Beck, Harlow Carr
657 7km R Nidd, Spruisty Hill Fm, Killinghall, Crag La, Crag Hill Fm
705 8km Quarry Moor, Whitcliffe Wd, Studley Rd, River Skell, Hell Wath
716 8km Brown Hill Woods, Plumpton Rocks, Braham Hall, Crimple Beck circuit
717 8km Ripley, River Nidd, Crag Hill, Hampsthwaite, Clint, Hollybank Lane circuit
726 8km Studfold Farm, Nidderdale Way Ramsgill, Bouthwaite, Nidderdale Way, Lofthouse circuit
729 6km High Grantley, Lumley Farm, Lumley Moor Reservoir, Drift Lane, Low Green Farm circuit
730 9km Sawley, Studley Obelisk, Aldfield, Hird House Farm circuit
733 9km Pateley Bridge, Panorama Walk, Blazefield, Kiln Farm, River Nidd, Glasshouses circuit
762 7km Pateley Bridge, Bewerley, Nidderdale Way, Mosscar Bottom, Foster Beck, River Nidd circuit
780 7km Brimham Rocks, High North Pasture Farm, Fell Beck, Sugar Hill Farm, NT Brimham Rocks site
799 10km Ripley, Hollybank Lane, Clint, Clint Grange Farm,
Whipley Hall, Sadler Carr, Ripley Castle Lake
849 2.3km Pateley Bridge, High Street, Ripon Road B6265, Harefield Hall hotel, River Nidd circuit
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Swaledale . . .

Walk No Length Route
9 15km Gunnerside Gill
10 16km Marske to Fremington Edge
14 15km Gibbon Hill circuit, Grinton
17 12km Reeth and Fremington Edge
50 13km Muker, Thwaite, Angram, Keld Side, Kidson Force
56 12km Nine Standards Rigg from Ravenseat C2C route
84 14km Reeth, Marrick & Fremington Edge
113 10km Richmond, Easby Abbey, Swaledale
189 13km Langthwaite, Fremmington Edge, Reeth, Arkengarthdale
244 13km Gunnerside, Gunnerside Gill, Blakethwaite Dams
376 12km Circuit of Ivelet Moor
403 11km Washfold, Kexwith, How Gate, Helwith
409 10km Arkle Beck & Upper Arkengarthdale farmland circuit
411 11km Reeth Low Moor, Arkle Town, Arkle Beck circuit
434 9km Grinton, River Swale, High Harker Hill circuit
441 13km Reeth, Arkle Town, Fore Gill, Helaugh circuit
509 8km Park Br, Oven Mouth, W Stonesdale, Haw Shaws, E Stonesdale
558 12km Marske, Clints, Orgate Farm, Telfit Farm, Helwith Bridge, Skelton Moor
576 10km Round Howe car park, Westfields, Market Sq, Easby Low Rd, railway path, River Swale
610 6km Reeth, River Swale, Grinton Bridge, High Fremington
735 6km Gilling West, Hartforth, Gillingwood Hall, Old Hall Lane, St. Agatha's Church
792 3km Cogden Gill, Grinton Lead Smelting Mill, Glead Gill, Cogden Moor circuit
804 2.5km Richmond Station, Richmond Castle, River Swale in flood
854 4km Reeth, Back Lane, River Swale, Healaugh Stepping Stones & return
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Wensleydale . . .

Walk No Length Route
49 15km Pen Hill circuit Wensleydale
67 14km Semer Water, Cam High Road, Raydale
71Thurs 6km Thornton Rust, Addlebrough
71Mon 12km Aysgarth, Nappa Hall, Carperby
73 14km Leighton Reservoir, Ilton Moor, Ripon Rowel Route
77 15km Bainbridge, Cam High Road, Marsett, Semer Water
110 17km Masham, Ilton, River Ure circuit. Ripon Rowel Route
98 11.5km Jervaux Abbey, Thornton Steward
94 14km East Witton, Golinglith Foot, River Burn
95 12km Ripon Canal and River Ure Ripon
112 15km West Witton, Penhill Wensleydale
134 11km Aysgarth, Redmire, River Ure
165 13km Carlton, Horsehouse, Arkleside, West Scrafton,Coverdale
176 17km Carlton Coverdale, Waldendale, Horsehouse
207 11km Fearby, Masham, Marfield Nature reserve
246 10km Leyburn, Leyburn Shawl, Preston-under-Scar, Wensley
290 12km Nutwith Common, Grewelthorpe, Hackfall Wood, River Ure
319 7km Harmby, Cow Close farm, Harmby Moor circuit
326 8km Masham, Ripon Rowel route, R. Burn, River Ure circuit
336 15km Askrigg, River Ure, Woodhall, Ellerkin Scar, Whitfield Gill
359 11km Thwaite Bridge, Blades, Cotterdale circuit
363 10km West Witton, River Ure, Templars Chapel circuit
365 10km Marsett Cam High Rd Countersett Low Force Fm Semer Wtr
367 9km Thornton Rust Knipe La Stepping Stones R. Ure Aysgarth Moor
369a 3km Snaizeholme Red Squirrel Reserve, Widdale, Hawes
369b 4km Masham, River Ure, Marfield Nature reserve
375 19km Penhill and West Burton from Carlton in Coverdale
387 6km Ripon Canal, Littlethorpe, Oxclose Lock circuit
399 10km Carlton-in-Coverdale, Penhill circuit
405 13km Carlton Gammersgill Fleensop Horsehse W.Scrafton
407 12km Jervaulx, Ellingstring, East Witton, River Ure circuit
418 10km West Burton, Burton Pasture, Walden Beck circuit
420 13km Castle Bolton, Carperby, Aysgarth Falls, Thoresby Lane circuit
423 12km Thornton Rust, Gayle Ing, Skellicks Beck, Castle Dykes
432 13km North Stainley, Mickley, West Tanfield, River Ure circuit
453 9km Muker, Kisdon Hill, Keld, Crackpot Hall circuit
499 15km Bedale, Crakehall, Newton-le-Willows, Burrill circuit
500 12km Masham, Fearby, High Ellington, Marfield Nature Reserve
507 11km Ripon Canal, Littlethorpe, Bishop Monkton, River Ure circuit
551 10km Burtersett, Wether Fell, Cam High Rd, Blackburn Sike, Shaws La
588 11km Middleham, R. Ure, Spennithorne, Ulshaw, R. Cover, Six Dales Trail
598 7km Snape, Ings Lane, Hollins Lane, Firby, Bogs Lane
606 9km Leighton Res, Roundhill Res, 6 Dales Trail, Low Ash Head fm, East Summer Side, Pott Bank
607 9km Wensley, Harmby, Middleham Bridge, River Ure circuit
624 11km West Burton, Newbiggin, Thoralby, Eshington Bridge, Aysgarth church, Hestholme Bridge circuit
634 8km Bolton Castle, Carperby, Beldon Beck ford circuit
648 6km Kirklington, Lime Lane, Whinwath Lane circuit
656 7km Hell Wath Nature Reserve, B6265, Studley Roger,
Plumpton La, R. Skell, Whitcliffe La, Whitcliffe Wood
676 6km Bishop Monkton, Ashbrook Farm, River Ure, Ripon Rowel Route
683 8km West Burton, Cauldron Falls, Morpeth Scar, Templars Chapel, Morpeth Gate circuit
684 8km Hawes, Appersett, Hardraw, Hardraw Force, Pennine Way
728 4.5km Hackfall Wood circuit Hackfall Explorer
729 6km High Grantley, Lumley Farm, Lumley Moor Reservoir, Drift Lane, Low Green Farm circuit
740 9km Redmire Station, Well Lane, Bolton Hall, Preston-under-Scar circuit
774 8km Linear Walk on the Pennine Way via Kidhow Gate, Dodd Fell, West Cam Road, Gaudy Lane, Gayle, Gale Beck Ford
779 7km Cover Bridge, Stepping Stones, East Witton, Hullo Bridge, River Cover circuit
782 4km Ripon Canal, Ripon City Wetlands, River Ure, Ripon Racecourse circuit
825 5km Coverham Lane, Agglethorpe, Common Lane, Tupgill Park
827 5km Ripon Canal, Firs Avenue, River Skell, Borrage Lane, River Skell circuit
841 4.3km B6265, Ripon Racecourse, River Ure, River Skell, Ripon Canal circuit
853 2.7km Circuit of Marfield Wetlands Reserve, Masham,
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Walk No Length Route
59 8km Settle to Craven Lime Works to Victoria Cave to Settle
317 10km Langcliffe, Stainforth, Catrigg Force, Attermire Scar
360 11km Dent Station, via Blea Moor to Ribblehead Station
370 8km Clapham, Austwick, Norber Erratics circuit
575 8km Ribblehead, Colt Park, Winterscales Beck, circuit
665 7km Horton-in-Ribblesdale, Pennine Way, Hull Pot & return
666 9km Gearstones, Dales Way, Pennine Way, Nether Lodge, Ribble Way, Thorns Gill Bridge circuit
781 7km Langcliffe, Stainforth Scar, Stainforth, Stainforth Force, R Ribble
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Airedale & Malham . . .

Walk No Length Route
216 17km Skipton, Gargrave, canal tow path
259 12km Janet's Foss, Gordale Scar, Malham Tarn, Malham Cove
460 11km Stirton, Canal towpath, Flasby, Rough Haw, Sharp Haw
467 9km Malham, Malham Cove, Watlowes, Langscar Gate, Pikedaw Hill
536 11km Embsay Reservoir, Eastby Gate, Hutchen Gill Head, Embsay Crag
589 11km Airton, Pennine Way, Hanlith, Windy Pike La, Weets Gate, Calton
612 10km Skipton, Leeds & Liverpool Canal, Springs Canal, Eller Beck
631 8km Malham Moor Lane, Mastiles Lane, Lee Gate Farm, Bordley
639 9km Gargrave, Pennine Way(S), Leeds & Liverpool Canal
659 9km Buck Stone La, Coppy La, Greystones La, Pole Rd, Lund's Tower, Wainman's Pinnacle
722 9km Winterburn, Hills Lane, Cross Lane, Moor Lane, Winterburn Reservoir circuit
744 8km Airton, Kirk Syke Lane, Bell Busk, Pennine Way, River Aire
756 7km A65 Skipton, Thorlby, Stirton, Aireville Park,
Leeds & Liverpool canal circuit
773 6km Malham, Cow Close Lane, Kirkby Malham, Scalegill Mill, Malham Beck circuit
798 6km Malham Tarn, Pennine Way, Middle House Farm, Great Close Scar circuit
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Dentdale/Garsdale . . .

Walk No Length Route
71   A few days at the Sportsmans Inn in Dentdale
  12km - (Aysgarth, Nappa Hall, Carperby - Wensleydale)
  7km - Ingleton Waterfalls walk - Sedgwick geological trail
  17km - Whernside, Dent
359 10km Thwaite Bridge, Blades, Cotterdale circuit
360 11km Dent Station, via Blea Moor to Ribblehead Station
513 8km Garsdale Head,Clough Force,Moor Rigg,Round Ing,Flust,S Lunds
689 3km Market Square, St Mary's Church, Ruskin's View, Devil's Bridge, Kirkby Lonsdale
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E. Yorkshire & Wolds . . .

Walk No Length Route
8 18km Garrowby Hill, Kirby Underdale Thixendale, Wayrham
64 18km Bishop Wilton, Givendale,Kirby Underdale
66 14km Kirby Underdale, Bugthorpe
74 10km Huggate, Cow Dale & Minster Way
122 15km Huggate, Minster Way & Wolds Way circuit
137 20km Thixendale, Wharram Percy, Brubber Dale
148 15km Filey, Hunmanby, Centenery Way,Wolds Way, Muston
163 13km Wetwang circuit
152 12km Bishop Wilton, Great Givendale, Millington Grange
169 12km Fridaythorpe, Wolds Way circuit
212 11km Ellerton, River Derwent, Bubwith, Aughton
213 17km Melbourne, Allerthorpe Common, Pocklington Canal
234 10km Londesborough, Market Weighton, Goodmanham
245 16km South Cave, Wolds Way, North Cave, Everthorpe
248 15km Sancton, North Newbald, Houghton Wood, Market Weighton
289 15km W. Knapton, Wintringham, Rowgate Fm, Rillington, Scampston
296 7km Potter Brompton, Ganton, Wolds Way circuit
303 12km Lang Dale, North Dale, Fordon, Cans Dale, Danebury Manor
311 10km Cottam, Cottam Grange, Philip's Slack, Cottam Well Dale
313 7km Top Hill Low water treatment wks Nature Reserve, River Hull
318 16km Rudston, Boynton, Carnaby Temple circuit
345 12km Barmby Barrage, River Ouse, Asselby, River Derwent circuit
386 16km
Pocklington, Great Givendale church, Millington, Kilnwick Percy
390 13km Wolds Way, Welton, Welton Dale circuit
391 18km Market Weighton to Pocklington using the Wolds Way
396 15km Market Weighton Canal, Hotham Carrs, Hasholme circuit
401 13km Burton Agnes, Harpham, Lowthorpe, Kilham circuit
410 19km Laxton, Bellasize, Blacktoft, Yokefleet, Saltmarshe, circuit
416 12km Kilham W.Field Danes Graves Elmswell Wold Cottam Warren
435 10km Millington village, Wolds Way, Millington wood circuit
454 10km Wetwang, Thorn Dale, Green Lane, Wetwang Grange circuit
516 14km North Grimston, Centenery Way, Bassett Brow, Wardale circuit
532 11km Welton, Brough, River Humber, North Ferriby, Wolds Way
553 12km Warter, Lavender Dale, Blanch Farm, B1246, Great Dug Dale
619 9km Whitton, Alkborough, Julian's Bower, Devils Causeway
653 6.5km Leavening Brow, Mount Ferrant Farm, Burythorpe, Pocklington Lane End
704 8km Brayton, Brayton Barff, Burton Bridge, Selby Canal
758 6km Walkington Road, Westwood Pasture, Beverley Minster, Keldgate, Kitchen Lane, Ripon Avenue, Blackmill circuit
761 7km B1253 West Lawn Wood, Church Lane, Carnaby, Temple Lane, Carnaby Temple, Boynton circuit
769 7km Hornsea Rail Trail, Ivy Farm, Skirlaugh Road, Old Ellerby, Crab Tree Lane, Green Lane
786 9km Huggate, Wolds Way, Horse Dale, Rabbit Dale, Cow Dale circuit
794 5km Allerthorpe Common, woodland circuit
817 7km Skidby Mill, Skidby village, Little Weighton Road, Beverley20 route, Dunflat Road, Oldgate, Skidby circuit
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Howardian Hills . . .

Walk No Length Route
27 8km Family Boxing day stroll near Castle Howard
58 16km Hovingham, Stonegrave, West Ness, Nunnington,Cawton
86 14km Wass Bank, Ampleforth, Sproxton
161 12km Byland Abbey, Newburgh Priory, Coxwold
155 17km Welburn, Huttons Ambo, Kirkham, Centenary Way
164 7km Caulkleys Bank, West Ness, Nunnington
185 9km Kirkham Abbey,Crambe,River Derwent
200 9km Circuit around the edge of the grounds of Castle Howard
230 10km Birdforth, Thormanby, Husthwaite, Carlton Husthwaite
257 15km Hovingham, Slingsby, Barton-le-Street, Centenary Way
273 11km Scawton, Cold kirby, Old Byland
272 10km Ampleforth, Yearsley Woods
314 7km Nunnington, River Rye, Caukleys Bank circuit
321 9km Ampleforth, Oxclose Wood, Studford Ring circuit
333 12km Kirkham Abbey, Crambe, Barton-le-Willows, River Derwent
350 8km Strensall, Centenary Way, River Foss, Sheriff Hutton
382 7km Terrington, Centenary Way, Cum Hag Wood circuit
417 5km Crayke Estate Walk circuit
464 9km Yearsley village, Yearsley woods & fish ponds
498 7km Coxwold, Husthwaite, Beacon Banks circuit
524 12km Hovingham, Ebor Way, Hovingham Spa, Cawton, Blackdale Mill, Coulton
590 11km Crayke, Foss Walk, Marton Abbey Fm, Seaves, Launds Fm circuit
613 8km Flaxton, Oak Busk La, Thornton-le-Clay, Blue Coat Fm, Cuddy Ho
629 8km Slingsby, Bank Lane, Centenary Way, Kirk Road, Barton-le-Street, Green Dike Lane
652 8.5km Hovingham, Fryton, Fryton Lane, Ebor Way circuit
660 8km Brandsby, Peel Park, Yearsley, Well Lane, Beckfield House
661 8km Byland Abbey to Ampleforth College (linear route)
677 7km A64, Sandy Lane, Linton Mill, Sands Lane, Rillington, Scampston
678 6km Terrington, Cotril Fm, Rose Cottage Fm, Howthorpe Fm, Centenary Way
680 6km Carlisle Monument, Whitwell-on-the-Hill, Tout Hill, Whitwell Road, Welburn
686 9km Slingsby, railway path, Fryton Grange, Socarrs Lane, Hovingham, railway path, Fryton
696 7km Onhams Lane, Crambe, Rider Lane Farm, Riders Lane, Oak Cliff Wood
700 6km Hovingham, Carr Lane, Cawton, Hovingham Spa circuit
701 7km Oulston, Springview Farm, Thornton Lane, Thornton Lodge Farm drive, River Kyle
714 8km Coneysthorpe, Centenary Way, Bridleway south to Road, Road to Coneysthorpe
737 10km Nunnington, Harome, Hall Lane, River Rye circuit
746 8km Pasture Lane, Middlecave Road, Maiden Grieve Balk, Broughton La, Castle Howard Rd, York Rd, Malton
747 7km Terrington, Mowthorpe Lane, Mowthorpe Dale, Sleigh Lane, Ganthorpe, Broats Lane circuit
748 6km Hovingham, Wath, Centenary Way, Ebor Way circuit
763 7km Extended Crayke Estate Walk from the Dutch House cafe
796 5km Butterwick, Boyton Lane, River Rye, Sleights Lane,
Slingsby Carr Cut, Green Lane circuit
803 6km Circuit of Yearsley Woods from North Moor Lane car park
806 9km Stonegrave, Cawton, Ebor Way, Oswaldkirk, Stonegrave Minster circuit
808 6km St. Cuthbert's Church, Crayke Lane, Chesler Pit Lane, Mill Lane, Daffy Lane, Mosswood Lane, Foss Walk
809 6km The B1363 at The Stripe, Skeugh Lane, Mill Bridge, Harryfield Lane, Stillington circuit
810 7km City of Troy turf maze, Bonnygate Lane, Snargate Hill, Stearsby, Skewsby, Brow Wood circuit
811 7km St. Peter's church Dalby, Dalby Bush Farm, Scackleton, Grange Lane, Green Lane, City of Troy turf maze, High Lane, Low Lane
812 5km Thornton-le-Clay, Stittenham Hill, Skegmer Lane circuit
819 5km Terrington, footpath to Sleigh Lane, Ganthorpe, Broats Lane circuit
826 4km Circuit of Byland Abbey and Wass village
832 4km Highthorne Lane, field path south, Woolpots Lane, Amplecarr, Cemetery, field path circuit Husthwaite
840 5km Coneysthorpe, Centenary Way, Appleton Lane circuit
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West Yorkshire . . .

Walk No Length Route
150 17km Skelmanthorpe, Barnsley Boundary Walk, CannonHall
335 7km Scammonden Water and Deanhead reservoir circuit
348 11km Penistone Hill, Brontë Falls Brontë Bridge, Top Withins
402 11km Bardsey, Pompocali, Thorner circuit, Leeds
429 8km East Keswick, River Wharfe, Sicklinghall circuit
515 9km Golden Acre Pk, Eccup, Bramhope, Paul's Pond, Breary Marsh
593 10km Bramham village, Bramham Park, Bramham Rd, Thorner Rd
669 4km The Obelisk Walk (red route) at Nostell Park, Nostell Priory
688 6km Morkin Bridge, Keighley Moor Res, Millennium Way, Broad Head Lane, Whitehill Rd
693 7km Home Farm, Colton Road, North Plantation, golf course, Bell Wood, 'M1', Little Temple, Menagerie Pond Temple Newsam
698 8km Anglers Country Park, Haw Park Wood, Barnsley Canal, Stubbs Wood, Anglers Park Lake, Wakefield
715 8km Fairburn Ings Visitor Centre, Ledsham, Holy Rood La, Fairburn, Fairburn Ings Nature Reserve
725 6km St. Aidan's RSPB site by the River Aire at Allerton Bywater
759 8km Rodley Nature Reserve, Leeds & Liverpool Canal, River Aire, Newlay, canal circuit
768 8km Aberford, Nellie‘s Tree, Parlington Hollins, M1 underpasses, Long Lane, Parlington Lane circuit
800 7km Pugneys Country Park, River Calder, Sandal Castle circuit
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South Yorkshire . . .

Walk No Length Route
621 10km R. Don, Levitthagg Wd, Conisbrough Station, Trans Pennine Trail
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The Peak District & Cheshire . . .

Walk No Length Route
02 13km Lathkill Dale and Bradford Dale
03 13km Ilam to Milldale to Dove Dale
04 11km Longnor to Pilsbury via Dove Dale return via River Manifold
57 20km Mam Tor to Kinder Downfall Edale
147 16km Hathersage, Stanage Edge Longshaw Estate, R Derwent
194 15km Ladybower Reservoir, Derwent Dam, Woodlands Valley
351 5km Langsett Reservoir circuit & Penistone
504 10km Bickerton Ch,Raw Hd,Bulkeley Hill,Peckforton Hills,Beeston Ca
505 9km Delamere Forest, Blakemere Moss, Sandstone Trail, Pale Hts
520 13km Ravensmoor, Shropshire Union Canal, Llangollen Canal
544 11km Derbyshire Bridge, Cat & Fiddle Inn, Three Shires Head
545 12km Cat&Fiddle Inn, Errwood Hall-Goyt Valley, Cats Tor, Shining Tor
546 8km Monsal Head, Brushfield, Millers Dale, River Wye, Cressbrook
548 6km Eyam, Stoney Middleton, The Riley Graves, Mompesson's Well
549 13km Taddington, Litton Mill, River Wye, Cressbrook, Monsal Dale
550 8km Alport, Over Haddon, Lathkill Dale, Youlgreave, Bradford Dale
641 7km R. Manifold, Hoo Brook, Wetton Road, Clayton House, Ecton Bridge, Manifold Trail, Dale farm, Wetton Mill
642 8km Paddock Farm, The Roaches, Roach End, return via minor road
643 7km Hollinsclough, Booth Farm, concession path to Chrome Hill
788 5km Gradbach, River Dane, Lud‘s Church, Black Brook circuit
789 7km Danebridge, Ship Inn, Whitelee farm, Shell Brook, Barleigh Ford Bridge, River Dane, Wincle Brewery
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Howgill Fells & North Pennines

Walk No Length Route
45 10km Cautley Spout & The Calf - Howgill Fells
54 14km Green Bell, Randygill Top, Kensgriff, Bowderdale
82 10km Carlin Gill & Fell Head
92 17km River Rawthey & Baugh Fell
105 16km Middleton, Simon's Seat, Langdale, Howgill Fells
178 9km Cautley Crags,Great Dummacks,The Calf,Cautley Spout
179 15km Dufton, High Cup Nick, High Cup Gill, Keisley, Bow Hall
180 10km Ravenstonedale, Knoutberry, Green Bell, Stwarth
249 10km Wild Boar Fell, Ais Gill circuit, Upper Eden Valley
284 15km Dufton, High Cup Nick circuit
354 17km Kirkby Stephen, Hartley, Smardale Br, Stainmoor Railway
425 10km Mallerstang Edge, Hell Gill & Hell Gill Force
510 10km Kirkby Stephen, River Eden, Greenriggs, Waitby, Nature Reserve
559 13km Appleby, River Eden, Great Ormside, Rutter Force, Hoff Beck
616 6km Tebay, Waskew Head, Weather Hill, Knott, Tebay Gill farm
617 8km Cross Keys Inn, Narthwaite farm, Adamthwaite farm, Wandale Hill
633 10km Allenheads, Dirt Pot, River East Allen, Spartylea Br, Elpha Green, Burnfoot
856 2km Bowes Village Hall, Gilmonby Bridge, River Greta, Bowes Castle, St Giles Church circuit
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Durham, Northumberland & The Borders . . .

Walk No Length Route
87 10km High Force, Teesdale
79   Langholm Walking Festival -Dumfries & Galloway
47   A week walking in Northumberland
  10km Simonside Hills
  13km Kirk Yetholm & The Schil
  18km Craster, Dunstanbrugh Castle & Bamburgh
  16km Windy Gyle, Border Ridge Cheviots
    Farne Islands
  15km Upper Coquet Valley, Deels Hill, Cheviots
120 11km Teesdale Way, Whorlton, Abbey Bridge
135 100km St. Cuthbert's Way, Borders & Northumberland
170 13km Bowlees Ettersgill Forest-Teesdale High Force
197 12km Greta Bridge, North Wood, Brignall Mill, River Greta
220 6km Durham City centre and River Wear
239 10km Craster, Dunstanburgh Castle, Beadnell
255 11km Bowlees, High Force, Pennine Way, Low Force
388 8km Dene Mouth, Castle Eden Dene, Castle Eden
414 14km Hulne Park circuit, Alnwick, Northumberland
415 12km Embleton Dunstanburgh Castle Craster Longhoughton
461 14km Eastgate, Rookhope Burn, Westgate, River Wear
462 11km Wolsingham, Tunstall Reservoir, Waskerley Beck
463 7km Hamsterley Forest, Bedburn Beck, Potato Hill
508 5km Northumberlandia Land Form Sculpture Cramlington
565 5km Circuit of parkland and woodland at National Trust Gibside
566 10km Linear walk from Warkworth Castle to Alnmouth
567 3km 'Riverside Walk' - River Wansbeck at Wallington Hall
568 9km River Allen valley, Plankey Mill, to Staward Peel & return
582 9km Circuit of Chillingham Wild Cattle Park (permissive paths)
592 8km Craster, Howick Hall, Northumberland Coast Path circuit
633 10km Allenheads, Dirt Pot, River East Allen, Spartylea Br, Elpha Green, Burnfoot
640 6km Blanchland, Baybridge, Allenshields, Bridge End, River Derwent, B6306
662 8km Embleton Bay, Dunstan Steads, Dunstan Square, The Heughs, Craster, Dunstanburgh Castle
663 7km Dunstan Steads, Embleton Bay, Low Newton, Embleton Links, Embleton
690 10km Leaplish Kielder, Lakeside Way, circuit of Bull Crag Peninsular
691 10km Belvedere, Lakeside Way, Soney Gap, Salmon Cubes, Robin's Hut
692 5km Bakethin res, Lakeside Way, Bakethin Weir, Old Railway path
707 5km Butts Lane, River Tees, Teesdale Way, Egglescliffe
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Lake District . . .

Walk No Length Route
107   Rosthwaite to Pooley Bridge on the C2C route
130   Grasmere and Langdales
218   A wet week in Grasmere
285 7km Cat Bells, Derwent Water circuit
293 3km Gummer's How circuit overlooking Windermere
341 6km Great wood, Castle Head, Derwent Water circuit
342 13km Skelwith Bridge, Little Langdale, Great Langdale, Elterwater
343 6&10km Knipe Fold, Holm Fell, Yew Tree Fm, Tom Gill, Tarn Hows
368 15km Leighton Moss, Jenny Brown's Point, Silverdale, Eaves Wood
459 9km Bowness Ferry, Claife Heights,Belle Grange, Windermere
468 11km Claife Station, Claife Heights, Latterbarrow, Hawkshead
469 10km Elterwater, High Close, Loughrigg Terrace, Skelwith Bridge
521 6km Wray Castle, Blelham Tarn, High Tock How Farm, Windermere
522 9km Near Sawrey, Moss Eccles Tarn, Claife Heights, High Blind How, Far Sawrey
523 3km Finsthwaite, Low Dam, High Dam circuit
626 6km Patterdale, Side Farm, Silver Crag circuit
627 10km Windermere, Orrest Head, Far Orrest, Town End, Robin La, Ambleside Pier
628 10km Kentmere, Hartrigg, Kentmere Reservoir, Tongue House, Overend, Low Lane,
649 4km River Kent, Miller Bridge, Kendal Castle, Jenning's Yard Br
671 8km Saul's Drive, New Barns, Arnside Tower, Arnside Knott
672 6km Grange-over-Sands, Hampsfell Hospice circuit
673 8km Cartmel Racecourse, How Barrow Trig point, Barns Bank Plantation
699 6km Ulverston Canal Foot, Tow Path, Plumpton Hall, coast path
718 8km Winster Parish Church, Crag Lane, Thornyfields, By-way crossing Lindeth Lane & A5074, Winster House circuit
719 8km Canal Foot, R. Leven estuary, Plumpton Hall, Next Ness, Hoad Hill, Parish Church, Ulverston Canal
720 9km Staveley, Barley Bridge, Littlewood Farm, Potter Tarn, Gurnal Dubs, Hundhowe, River Kent circuit
738 6km Coniston, Coppermines YH, Low Water Beck, Church Beck
739 5km Humphrey Head circuit, Morecambe Bay
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Lancashire, Forest of Bowland . . .

Walk No Length Route
539 11km Stocks Reservoir circuit Gisburn Forest
540 10km Parlick Pike, Wolf Fell, Saddle Fell, Wolfen Hall
569 8km Barley, Ogden Reservoirs, Pendle Hill, Pendle Way
570 10km Foulridge, Lake Balwain, Stansfield Tower, Lister Well Rd, Leeds & Liverpool Canal
664 5km Great Stone of Fourstones, Ringstones, Usherwoods circuit
749 6km Wycoller, Gt Thorn Edge Fm, Raven Rock Fm, Wycoller Hall, Parson Lee Fm, The Atom view point
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Midlands & Southwards . . .

Walk No Length Route
81   Holiday Walks at Crackington Haven, North Cornwall
222 3km Pole Bank, The Long Mynd, Shropshire Hills
228   A week in the New Forest Hampshire
237 5km Simmonds Yat, Biblins Bridge, Wye Valley Walk
236 11km Cannop Ponds, Gloucestershire Way, Forest of Dean
263 12km Swanage to Corfe Castle, Purbeck Hills, Dorset
372 6km Blakeney, Peddars Way, Cley Windmill North Norfolk Coast
373 10km Circuit of the grounds of Holkham Hall
374 12km Stiffkey to Wells-next-the-sea, Holkham beach, Coast path
421 8km Appledore to Westward Ho! via the Southwest Coastal Path
422 8km Lundy Island, Threequarter Wall circuit, Bristol Channel
439 5km Pulteney Br, Royal Victoria Park, Royal Crescent, Bath
608 8km Bradgate Deer Park, Newtown Linford, Leicester
609 3km Foxton Locks (10 rise) & Boat Lift, Grand Union Canal
710 7km Cambridge, River Cam, Grantchester circuit
711 7km Picklescott, Cothercott Hill, Shropshire Way, Port Way circuit
712 6km The Bog car park, Shropshire Way, Stiperstones, Moorland tracks, Shropshire Hills
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Scotland . . .

Walk No Length Route
160   A week in Blair Atholl nr Pitlochry, Perthshire
190 5km Ochil Hills,Dollar Burn, Castle Campbell, Burn of Sorrows circuit
271 5km Armadale Clan MacDonald visitor centre, Isle of Skye
270 4km Portree, Bile pasture circuit, Isle of Skye
269 3km Tourist path up to the Old Man of Storr and back, Isle of Skye
268 4km Claigan along the coast to the coral sands and back,Isle of Skye
307 6km The Ice House, Shell walk - Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve
306 11km Elie, St. Monans, Pittenweem, Anstruther, Cellardyke
315 8km Loch Awe, Dalavich forest, Loch Avich, River Avich, Argyll
329 10km Kirk Yetholm, St Cuthbert's Way, Staerough Hill, Pennine Way
330 7km Town Yetholm, Bowmont water, Yetholm, Cheviot Hills
331 14km Kirk Yetholm, Bowmont Water, Curr Burn, Halter Burn
594 7km "The Kelpies", Forth & Clyde Canal, Falkirk Wheel
595 7km Findochty, Moray Coast Trail, Portknockie, Cullen
596 12km Portgordon, Coastal shingle bank, R. Spey, Speyside Way
597 6km Winding Walks, Monument, Ranalds Grave, Peeps View
644 11km Loch Katrine ferry pier car park way-marked 'green' route
741 5km Mersehead RSPB Reserve circuit, Solway Firth
742 8km Kilchattan Bay, stage 1 West Island Way, Bute
743 5km River Annan circuit, Moffat
765 6km Cademuir Hill & John Buchan Way circuit
766 5km Cardrona Forest extended 'Yellow' way marked walk
767 1.5km Pirn Hill there & back, Innerleithen
775 12km Kelso Abbey, Kelso Bridge, disused railway, Roxburgh Viaduct, River Teviot, Borders Abbeys Way
776 6km Sprouston, River Tweed, Banff Mill, B6350, disused railway path
777 8km Morebattle, St. Cuthbert's Way, Grubbit Law,
B6401, Kale Water circuit
778 1.7km Coldstream, Hirsel Estate, circuit of the lake
820 2km Walk & boat trip from Inverewe Gardens
821 1.7km Beinn Eighe visitor centre, way marked Circular Walk
822 3km Circular walk in Laide Wood, Aultbea
823 2.3km Gaineamh Mhor, Gairloch Harbour, roadside footpath
824 4km Gairloch Harbour, Flowerdale Waterfall walk and return
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New Zealand . . .

Walk No Length Route

Frank & Vi's epic tour of New Zealand

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France . . .

Walk No Length Route

A few days in the Vezere valley

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Majorca . . .

Walk No Length Route
472 6 Cala Millor, Punta de N'Amer, Headland marker
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